Daily Prompt: Charitable

You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

For some strange reason I got two daily prompts today. Perhaps one is intended for tomorrow, who knows, but this evening I am on my own for a change. Mr. Swiss is attending a local jazz concert, so I decided I would remain at home doing my own thing. At first I was reading a book, but then I decided the computer was calling and decided to do this second prompt.


Some years ago I was at my bank with my camera, which is always with me, and was waiting on the first floor, so what did I do. I took a photo. No-one saw me, otherwise I would probably have been under arrest for disclosure of the internal workings of a Swiss bank. As this was many years ago, I hope that the crime has now exceeded its limitation.

So you ask what I would do with my five million dollars. I would develop a devious plan. I think I would transfer the money to England to my father. He could open a bank account. After leaving the money for a useful amount of time my dad could perhaps open a new account, in the Cayman Islands, in my name. I would leave the money in the Cayman Islands for a respectful amount of time and gradually retransfer it to Switzerland into a bank account in my son’s name. He would not be unhappy and neither would I. We would share the money.

I might now be Swiss, but am not a financial genius. However, with my Swiss connections, I am sure I would find someone to advise me how to do it properly. It seems today everyone with money is transferring to the Cayman Islands, the Channel Islands, perhaps Singapore. I believe it is known as offshore banking. It is becoming quite fashionable amongst the wealthy.

It might sound a bit mean, but I would not keep it all for myself. I might hand someone a few thousand that needs it, but I would do it myself. Today you cannot trust anyone with your money.

Daily Prompt: Charitable

Daily Prompt: The Feline Said

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

Nera showing her tummy

“Nera feline, what are you thinking about?” Not being any humans around at the moment and not wishing to call someone with such a strange question, I decided to ask my chief feline.

“Mrs. Human, why are you asking such a silly question, you will only get a silly answer, but if you insist, I am thinking that at last I can air my fur in the sun and fresh air. The Winter months really do not improve my beauty, although my beauty is almost past improvement I know. “

Yes, today was the first real Spring day. It was a long cold snowy Winter, but it seems that the trees in the garden have at last noticed that Spring is in the air. Buds are forming and there are fresh green shoots appearing in the ground.

“Mrs. Human”

“Yes Nera”

“I really do not think that your blog viewers interest themselves for your Spring descriptions. I am the feline you are asking and what I have to say is decisive, not your sloppy words over the weather.”

“Sorry Nera, but I was just qualifying your reasons for laying on your back with your legs in the air.”

“I do not have to be qualified, it is just me.”

“But your short furred litter sister Tabby never lays on her back, and neither does Fluffy your other feline colleague.”

“Of course not Mrs. Human. Tabby just rolls around on the ground for a back scratch and Fluffy, being a Selkirk Rex, has rastafari dreadlocks which do not need any grooming. However, me being a pefect feline, with luxury fur, have to keep myself in trim and let the air circulate from time to time.”

“Yes Nera and speaking of keeping in trim, I think you will now have to eat a little less. It seems you have put on some extra weight during the Winter months. Just laying around and sleeping is not enough exercise.”

“Are you insinuating that I am fat Mrs. Human. How often do I have to emphasise that it is fluff, long silky fur and has nothing to do with any extra weight. I do not have a gram of fat on my streamlined body.”

“But I noticed you do not move as fast as you did last year. It seems you resemble more a ship that sways on high seas, than a streamlined feline. Aw, that hurt Nera and now I have a long scratch on my hand.”

“If you insult me Mrs. Human, you get your punishment. I do not sway, that is just a sexy movement that most female felines would be proud to have. If you had not brought me to the vet for that unforgettable operation, you would be fighting the male species away from the door. On the other hand, who wants litters of screaming kittens wanting to be fed.”

“Exactly Nera, it is all for your own good. Do you have any other thoughts in your feline brain Nera?.

“Food, birds, mice, scratching and sleep and perhaps a visit to my litter box to relieve my recycling process.

And that concludes the thoughts of the person nearest to me. Nera is not a person? Of course she is, at least she thinks so.

“What did you say Nera? Yes, I will put a pinch of tarragon in your tuna fish this evening and serve it with a lacing of caviar. No caviar, just a side plate of fresh trout will do? No problem Nera.”

Daily Prompt: The feline said