Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

Woodgrange Park Cemetery Dracula

I have spent many evenings reading the book, one of my favourites, so vivid and such a good story line. It was now one of those moonlit nights, just the right atmosphere for another re-read of Dracula by Bram Stoker.

“Story? never, although I must admit Bram did play a bit with the facts.” and my friend Morticia from  Transylvania flew through the open window.

“Morticia, how lovely to see you.”

“Hello Angloswiss, I had to pop in when I heard that you were telling everyone how good your favourite book is. When great granddaddy Dracula about fifteen times removed appeared to Bram Stoker in a dream telling him to write it all down, he knew he had chosen the right man for the task. Not that Bram had much success with anything else, but he really got down to the facts with granddad Dracula’s life.”

“True, it is such a captivating book. I have read it so often and each time I discover something else. I always wondered how Jonathan Harker managed to get away with it all. His visit to Dracula in the Carpathian mountains, and he didn’t lose a drop of his own blood.”

“Of course not” answered Morticia “granddad Dracula knew what he was doing. It would not have been a good idea to turn him into an undead like the rest of us. He would have returned to England and the residence for granddad would not have been organised. You know that old deserted church. Great uncle Jonathan would have been too busy looking for suitable victims and not attended to Dracula’s needs in England.”

This was getting interesting. It is so much more informative when you actually speak to people that knew the characters in the book.

“Did Jonathan marry into the Dracula family, that you call him great uncle Morticia?”

“Sort of, I mean not everything is the pure truth in the book. Mina Harker, Jonathan’s fiancée, was supposed to be cured although she wasn’t really ill, just slowly becoming undead. For all reading the book and not wanting to disturb their peace of mind, Bram had her cured. Even Jonathan thought she had overcome her thirst for blood, but cutting a long story short, Jonathan is now my great uncle. We welcomed him into the family with a wonderful feast, although he did have a problem at first not being able to see his reflection in the mirror.”

“I see. By the way Morticia, would you like something to drink, you must be thirsty travelling all the way from Transylvania to see me. If I had known you were coming, I would have picked up something for you at the local blood bank.”

“No problem Angloswiss, I dropped in on my way here and have a couple of plastic pouches with me.”

“I will give you a glass.”

“Not necessary” and Morticia pierced the plastic with her fangs and quenched her thirst.”

“Anything to eat Morticia?”

“No thanks, I will take a walk in the park this evening, might find something there.”

It was always something completely different having a great granddaughter of Dracula visiting.

“What about Van Helsing Morticia, he seemed to have cleared a few vampires out of the way.”

“Well you have to have a hero somewhere when you write a book. That was Bram Stoker’s idea and Dracula decided to let him have his way. After all, the book had to be a best seller to make sure that Dracula would never be forgotten. He had to leave his mark in the world of literature.”

“Yes Morticia, he seemed to have left many marks across Europe, a sort of fil rouge I suppose you could say.”

“True Angloswiss, it certainly was a red thread. We are so proud of him in the old country. If it wasn’t for people like you that re-read the book so often, granddad Dracula would have been long forgotten.

I have to be on my way now Angloswiss, it was so nice to see you again. Come, I will give you a big hug and kiss before I go. The family send their best wishes. We love you so much.”

“Morticia it was lovely that you visited me, I do not want to seem impolite, but I do have quite a cough and cold and would not want to infect you, so just a handshake will do. Arrive home safely.”

“No problem Angloswiss goodbye” and she opened the window and flew out until her cloak was just a black speck in the distance. I am running out of excuses for refusing a goodbye kiss, but when she approaches her fangs seem to be bigger and sharper and she never wants to kiss me on the lips, but on the neck.

Daily Prompt: Second Time Around