Daily Prompt: Do-over!

Go back to a blog post you always thought could be better, or were unsatisfied with — now, fix it.

Sculpture Restaurant Cantinetta Solothurn

This is me (in my dreams) taking a well earned break from writing daily prompts. I do enjoy writing, but now and again it can be a little exhausting finding the right words to fit the theme. I spend an average of an hour writing and composing my thoughts, and have no intention of re-writing anything.

I was thinking, did Charles Dickens or the Bronte sisters re-write any of their stories? Probably, but they had no computer, just crossed it out in ink and did it again. Perhaps even Mary Shelley wanted Frankenstein’s monster to have a happy end, meeting and falling in love with the female monster. In the first draft of the book the female monster was not destroyed by Mr. Frankenstein, but survived to produced offspring of the monster clan, but now I am wandering off the topic. To continue….

I am not perfect, no-one is according to Murphy’s law, in the sense of: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. My blogs do not always meet my wishes. I have not yet been nominated for a Pulitzer prize for my writing “talents”. I have not been discovered as the new J.R.Rowling. I have not yet written my ultimate blog about Fifty shades of cats. Being owned by three felines it would be no problem.

Yes, I have been nominated for Word Press awards at various times, but as I once blogged, this is not the fulfilment of my dreams. The chain reaction, where everyone nominated has to nominate another 8-10 bloggers etc. etc. means that eventually our blogging awards are numbered into infinity.

So let’s just take five, relax, play with your iPhone or iPad, listen to tunes on your iPod or just do nothing like the young lady in the photo above. My curves are not so streamlined as the statue, and I would not spend my time outside dressed as nature produced me. I took this photo on Easter Monday when we were invited to an Easter Lunch at a local Italian restaurant in the town of Solothurn in Switzerland where I live. It was a cold day, but this statue really made an impression on me in the restaurant garden.

Have fun with this new inviting and ingenious writing prompt and I will read through the results and leave my mark on your pages.

Daily Prompt: Do-over!