Daily Prompt: The Social Network

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

morticia and castle

Oh yes, I “get it”, no problem, but it was a long process. Facebook existed whilst I was still a working woman and thank goodness it had not got me at that time. It would have been a difficult process working in a paid job and doing Facebook on the side at work. Before I even registered it was banned from our work computers, so saved by the bell I suppose you could say.

One day I was retired, was equipped with a selection of houshold cleaning toys, an ironing board and washing machine, but something was missing. My computer was sitting around saying “use me” and then I discovered Facebook. Do not ask me how or why, I cannot answer the question. I was already at my blogging beginnings in a place called Multiply, but being a gaming type I decided let’s try it, so I did.

I discovered the company Zynga and games. It all started with Farmville, you had animals, a plot of land, and lots of tasks to fulfil. It got me. Then I realised there was also a town called Yoville. No problem: farming during the morning and after lunch build your appartment, house, garden, lots of furniture and interior decorations to get. In the meanwhile I realised my farm was not just a morning job. Crops could whither, so you had to harvest them. Also the Yoville town had a few tasks to deal with like going to the bakery and baking cakes. In the meanwhile a pet was born in a place called Petville. Her name was Morticia (see photo). She was a darling, had a wardrobe full of clothes for every occasion. I just had to wash her once a day and make sure the flowers stayed fresh in her appartment (which was growing week by week). Then came the day when I opened my Angloswiss restaurant, the fulfilment of all my gaming dreams. So what happened – gaming was no longer a pasttime, but a job. Long story cut short – one day I closed everything down and returned to normal life.

Facebook had become part of my life. Probably due to the games I had been playing I had collected a whole group of discriples – I was in competition with Jesus. He had only 12 from his country and I had about 800 from all over the world. I also had friends and family which is not as negative as some people think.

I was gaming cured, but kept my facebook. You really just have to see things in a plain and logical way. No, Facebook are not trying to get personal information from you or trying to take over your life. It is what you do with Facebook is the problem. If you deliver Facebook with your mobile/cellphone Number, and other personal details, they will show it. The more information YOU give them, the more they have. Just be sensible about it and keep your feet on the ground.

Do not believe everything you read and do not click on every stupid film – there are a lot of sharks out to eat your information and use it, so use your own common sense – something like Trojan or virus. Facebook only takes advantage of you if you let them. Now and again Facebook change their system, it is their right to do this. If one million of their five million followers object, then so what. There are still four million that stay where they are, and probably the other million forget the whole thing and join in.

Of course there are things that annoy me. People that love their mothers, love their fathers, love their sisters and love their brothers. OK your own thing, but I would not dream of plastering it all over my facebook pages. Of course the eternal dog, cat animal postings showing a poor little doggy or cat that has been found and looking for a home, so please adopt him. I already have three cats, the inn is full and as much as I feel sorry for all the unwanted and suffering animals, I cannot help. I would not even be allowed to adopt an animal in the middle of the States, so I just turn those postings off, I do not even see them any more. And then Jesus loves you with the bible saying of the day. If I want Jesus or God I would go to church or do it in my own private way and do not find it necessary to hold a sermon on the Facebook mount to prove it to everyone.

I suppose today I am there because of friends and family. I have even found long lost friends through Facebook and now have access to my cousin in New Zealand, at least I know where he is, what his wife looks like and his kids.

Just keep your head on and Facebook is fine. It’s a business and not really there to keep everybody happy. If you are disappointed, then leave, there are plenty of others to take your place. You do not even have to use it, just switch it out of your system.

In the meanwhile I still miss my little Morticia , all alone and lost in a place called Petville (if it still exists) and I still think back to the good old days when I would operate an expanding restaurant (I had the largest size). I just left the restaurant to look after itself, although I think the cooking range is now empty. My house and appartment in Yoville is now probably hidden by spider webs and the roof has caved in.

Would just like to add that people searching “private” on social network site are in the wrong place in my opinion. You can use a telephone or e-mail system or messaging for your private sphere. If you don’t want everyone to see it, then do not show it.

Facebook woman

Daily Prompt: The Social Network