RDP Friday: Zombie

Zomby, of course they do not exist. One of my hobbies are visiting variouis cemeteries. When I was younger and more activer, my visits took me to Paris and Vienna when I was on holiday.Something strange hgappened when in Paris, I was visiting the Père Lachaise cemetery and naturally wanted to see the famous grave of singer Jim Morrison who passed away in France. It was quite well known, especially because the monument of his head had been stolen from the grave now and again. It was tucked away between many other graves and I had to do some climbing to find it, but there is was. With camera poised I took my photo. It was when I uploaded the photo back at home in Switzerland, that I was a little astonished. There she was, a woman dressed in black behind the grave. I never saw her when I took the photo. Was it just a coincidence that she was there and I did not see her, or did she appear after the photo was in my camera. Who knows? This photo has haunted me since many years. I probably took it some 40 years ago. Was Jim Morrison trying to tell me sometning from the other side. No, I do not believe in the after life – or……
RDP Friday: Zombie

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