RDP Friday: Wise

The three wise monkeys. speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil – but are they really so wise. My husband brought this little model into our married life and it served its purpose on the desk. Being wise is a matter of interpretation, and I don’t feel at all wise.

I had an interesting phone call from our Old age and disability authorities. About hslf a year ago my jurist son made an application for me to have some compensation for my disability caused by my MS illness. She asked me if I can dress myself and the answer from me was “Yea” I need no help, although my left leg no longer moves on its own and I need my hand to help. “Am I mobile” was the next question. My answer being that I have a scooter and Walker to enable me to buy what I need, or I order online from the supermarket. I cannot use the local bus as it is too uncertain. It seems these were all the wrong answers as I am too independent to get a grant for assistance. She wished me all the best and good luck. However I informed her that I live alone with my son, who is autistic as my husband is now in a senior home. She asked the name of my husband and checked that he gets to financial support from the local government. i can now make an application and this will be considered as he is entitled. to assistance. So is Switzerland. You have to know it all yourself, and be half a lawyer to get your demands fulfilled. Unfortunately I am not disabled enough to get anything myself.

RDP Friday: Wise

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Wise

  1. That figurine reminds me of a hopefully interesting story – years ago my mother and me were involved with a community theater. During one play she was in, her and two other actors, each picking one of those gestures, decided to display them for a few seconds at a predetermined point of time during the play. This was not discussed with the director or some of the other actors and crew. Eventually, as the play ran Friday-Sunday for a month, the other actors and crew caught on to what they were doing. One of those behind the scenes fun facts.

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