RDP Friday: Yearn

Two new legs would do me fine. I was always a little uncertain when walking, but as the years progressed my legs began to give up. At the beginning a stick did the job, then I progressed to a walker and now for longer journeys I have my scooter to help: one of the problems with an illness for which there is no cure (MS). I yearn for the days when I used to walk with no assistance and no longer had the feeling that that my legs do their own thing and like to take five now and again.

I often feel like the bird next to me that needs a stone support to stand on its own legs.

RDP Friday: Yearn

8 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Yearn

    • I am one of the lucky ones as this illness has stayed under control ip to now. I do have medication and have to inject every second day. It slows down the pace of progress.


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