RDP Friday: Vivid

I grew up in a working class family in the East End of London. We did not have a lot, but mum had a thing about bright colours. Whatever she knitted there were usually stripes of all colours in the rainbow and this extended to our little house. We had no hot water, the toilet was outside in the garden and we heated with a coal fire, as our neighbours. We had a gas cooker, but mum made sure that we were cheered up with bright colours This room was our kitchen, living room and general room for everything. Mum chose the wall paper and then dad had to paint the furniture to match, so everything was in red an white. It was a wonder that our cat, Whisky, was also not painted, but he felt quite at home in the bright colours. Standing on the back of a chair was one of his favourite positions and sometimes he would sleep there. The furniture was all from the days of the war, so called utility, but we did not know anything else at the time. The days of luxury that we now have were not possible. You made do with what you had.
RDP Friday: Vivid

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Vivid

  1. I love that photo — and the cat reminds me of my second cat, Hertz, who went without a name until I brought home a puppy and it was clear the cat was Number 1. That was part of the Hertz Rental Car ad at the time. “Hertz is Number 1”

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