RDP Friday: Alighn

A new bulding was made. The work took at least a year, but the crows soon got the idea. Every evening it was discussed, same place, same time – and there they were all sitting in a row.

They had bern practicing in town, following the example of the pigeons.

And, of course, the gulls were showing how its done.

RDP Friday: Align

6 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Alighn

  1. We have birds showing how it’s done over here too – LOL. We have the grackles. One year they congregated in such numbers near the hospital that they made the news and the city officials were having to try to come up with a plan to do something because the noise was so disturbing to hospital patients. Not to mention the gifts they deposit out their backends, not something you want tracked into the hospital. It was like Hitchcock’s The Birds. Fortunately they weren’t attacking people like in that movie.

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