FOWC with Fandango: Flummoxed

At the moment this floor in one of the rooms in ny apartment is causing me problems. It is 30 years old and so called parquet. I am not a lover of fitted carpet, and have either tiles in my apartment or wood in the bedrooms. Any how this floor has formed a mound in one part which can happen according to the weather. The wood is no longer firmly glued to the floor. I contacted the company and they came immediately. Of course it must be replaced. I had the choice of the complete room or just that part. However, it is the smallest room I have and being now quite worn, I chose to have the whole floor replaced. They will be coming next week on Tuesday, but had a request that I would perhaps empty the cupboard.

Today with the help of my son we emptied the cupboard. At the moment my living quarters, especially the living room, resembles a disaster.

We piled books and DVDs on the table, as well as the colleciton of family photos.¨

Clothing is draped across the settee. I did it this afternoon as my son is at home. Next week he is at work and I am on my own.

I will be glad when the whole spook is over and I can live my normal peaceful life again. Flummoxed is the exact word for my feeling at the moments. It is also a reason why perhaps I will not be here so much next week.

FOWC with Fandango: Flummoxed

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