FOWC with Fandango: Flummoxed

At the moment this floor in one of the rooms in ny apartment is causing me problems. It is 30 years old and so called parquet. I am not a lover of fitted carpet, and have either tiles in my apartment or wood in the bedrooms. Any how this floor has formed a mound in one part which can happen according to the weather. The wood is no longer firmly glued to the floor. I contacted the company and they came immediately. Of course it must be replaced. I had the choice of the complete room or just that part. However, it is the smallest room I have and being now quite worn, I chose to have the whole floor replaced. They will be coming next week on Tuesday, but had a request that I would perhaps empty the cupboard.

Today with the help of my son we emptied the cupboard. At the moment my living quarters, especially the living room, resembles a disaster.

We piled books and DVDs on the table, as well as the colleciton of family photos.¨

Clothing is draped across the settee. I did it this afternoon as my son is at home. Next week he is at work and I am on my own.

I will be glad when the whole spook is over and I can live my normal peaceful life again. Flummoxed is the exact word for my feeling at the moments. It is also a reason why perhaps I will not be here so much next week.

FOWC with Fandango: Flummoxed

RDP Sunday: Precipitate

What is wrong with a little rain, after all it is just water. Growing up in England there was no choice. Rain was a way of life. I remember my mum with her saying when we were expecting visitors and they were late. “Perhaps they are not coming as it is now raining”, which seemed to be a general excuse. We Brits thrived on rain, we had no choice. If you got some good weather, you could be sure that the rain cloud was preparing for the next deluge. Basically I do not mind rain, as long as I am indoors. Since being somewhat handicapped with mobility, rain is a reason why I stay at home. Driving on a schooter in a shower is not fun, you get wet and so does the scooter. On the other hand nature needs the precipitation for the tres and bushes and other green growths on our planet. Indeed it is one of the main signs that we have a living planet.

I must admit it is now at least a month since I have seen or felt a drop of rain. It it very cold and now and again we get an apology of a few snow flakes, but nothing dramatic.

RDP Sunday: Precipitate