RDP Tuesday; Imminent etc. etc.

How to get confused with the English language, especially if you actually use it very rarely. Of course writing my blogs is done in English, but you have to understand what it is about and I do not always understand. My imminency is often unimminent and the words tend to fall into the wrong places. Speaking Swiss German dialect as my daily language does tend to confuse you, and I often find when writing I have to look into the computer to see what the actual english word would be, or often I have to discover what the actual German word would be for the English word that has been suggested to understand what it is all about.

Back to the blog, the snow was imminent today, I think, and we were all taken by surprise with the white scenery this afternoon. It did not seem to bother the birds so much, they always have enough to eat in the feeder. This blackbird was quite happy sitting in the snow it seems. And yes, the snow is here to stay for a week at least.

RDP Tuesday: Imminent etc. etc.