FOTD 18th January 2023: Dandelion

Dandelion seeds with a difference: I saw this arrangement on a dining table with a candle to enhance it: plying a bit with the result of the photo, I managed to capture the dandelion seeds in a different light. Althoujgh a little again the rules, there is not veery much growing here at the moment except for layers of snow.

FOTD 18th January 2023: Dandelion

FOWC with Fandango: Remarkable

It has been a Winter with a difference. We had our usual snow in November and was sure it would be the beginning of white landscapes, but no, we were wrong. After November the snow disappeared and we were getting temperatures up to 10° C which is really remarkable for deep mid Winter. This weather continued up to Christmas and in the New Year and for the first two weeks of January. The snowdrops were showing their flowers and the daffodils were competing with each other to see who could produce the first buds. And then it happened. Last week-end temperatures dropped and it began to snow, although not too much and by evening it had melted, only to return again the next day. However, our weather prophets have told us to expect the snow to continue for at least a week, perhaps two. OK, I though it was too good to be true, but you cannot have everything. Global warming, welcome to Switzerland.

FOWC with Fandango: Remarkable

RDP Wednesday: Mischief

All the snowmen lined up in a row
They were all excited and ready to go
Their maker inspected all their looks
Ready to choose a winner for the nook
The choice fell on Frosty because of his hat
And he was so proud to be placed on the mat
His carrot nose was blushing all along the way
Frosty was so glad and knew he could stay
The golden oldies in the home knew Frosty was the best
And so he became their Winter guest

RDP Wednensday: Mischief