FOWC with Fandango: Promote

You do not see any promotional stripes on my father’s army uniform. He was a soldier in the second world war. However, they once gave him a stripe and he became a lance corporal for sometime. It was then the end of the and he was stationed in Germany keeping an eye on things. For this job he was in a compound for prisoners of war. It was nothing special, and spent most of the time going on walks with the locals, but for this job you had to have some sort of stripe on your uniform for the last few months of his war, he was promoted, I think it was the only time that I ever saw my dad with a moustache.

FOWC with Fandango: Promote

RDP Wednesday: Recharge

Recharging has become a way of life. I think this was my very first mobile phone and that had to be regularly recharged. Today the phones just seem to do it themselves. I have three points in my apartment with leads ready to be attached to my telephone, according to where I am. I usually listen to radio on my iphone.

This morning I had an urge to visit the bathroom, as usual when I awake and at the same time my alarm sounded. That was too much, so after the bathroom visit I went back to hugging the duvet for a while, with my iPad for company. It keeps me up to date on the world.

RDP Wednesday: Recharge