Daily Prompt: Constant

Missing Tree

There used to be a tree in between the two trees in front of the house on the left side of the photo, but this morning within 10 minutes the tree was removed: sawn into various small pieces and afterwards shredded. Reduced to wood shavings. Not even trees are built to last.

Every day I arrive at the breakfast table, fire up my computer and write a Good Morning blog. My intention at the beginning was to write it now and again, but this has become a constant. If my good morning blog disappears for some time, it can cause an alarm in the blogging world which happened a few weeks ago. I fell and broke my leg and was in hospital.  I was touched as people noticed my absence. I am the only blogger in my family, but thanks to Mr. Swiss being in facebook, contact was made and he put everyone in the picture why my consistency was missing.

I also write constantly the Daily Prompt in WordPress. Every day I see the new theme, utter a few profanities “What shall I write about this strange theme?”, but I write all the same, just like today. I am on a constant write about again. I sometimes hate this daily prompt, it annoys me and do I really have to spend half an hour of my precious time writing in the afternoon when I have something better to do? Such as? Yes that is the problem. Sometimes I might go for a wheelie in my wheelchair and take some photos. When I return I take another look at the daily prompt and write something. I also upload my photos as I might be able to use them tomorrow to say good morning, or hello Daily Prompt. Even my cat Tabby writes a daily prompt and what can a cat write daily. Cats sleep and eat. But it seems their thought process move on a higher level as the human. Their thoughts are constantly in movement.

The chief Trump in the states is also constantly annoying people with his constant Tweets. The television programmes are constantly showing repeats of old films. Life is just one big constant it seems And now it is time to write Tabby’s blog, she is constantly reminding me with some paw swipes.

Daily Prompt: Constant

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Constant

  1. Today on Facebook I went to see “On this day” which I usually don’t do. There were my crocuses which bloomed on this day last year — a week later than they bloomed this year. There was a description of a walk at the slough with cold, clear air and cranes — just like it will be today. I might get annoyed at Facebook but sometimes it’s really lovely to see that as far as nature goes, anyway, there is a constant clock that works very well.

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    • Very true words. It is wonderful how the seasons return, sometimes a little later, perhaps even earlier. My clock is not working so well at the moment, but the crocus and snowdrops are flowering in the garden.

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