Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Z anywhere in the word or people or animals catching some Zzz’s

Zeppelin over Feldbrunnen

There is still a zeppelin station on the Lake of Konstanz at the Swiss border and a couple of years ago they had an anniversary of zeppelin flights. You could take a journey in a Zeppelin and that flew over our estate every day

Waste disposal Zuchwil

The village on the opposite of the bank of the River Aar is Zuchwil and our rubbish burning plant can be found there. It is all very hygenic and the chimneys throw out the smoke every day.

Silvano Borzachiello

Musician friends of Mr. Swiss playing jazz.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Z anywhere in the word or people or animals catching some Zzz’s

Daily Prompt: Lecture

Birdhouse 28.12 (31)

“Listen birds, this cannot go on.”

“Someone having a tweet?”

“No I don’t think so,  only presidents tweet, or was it a human?”

“Yes it was a human, the human that feeds you every day with bird seed.”

“Great, always enough to eat, although the missus says I now waddle and no longer hop.”

“But look at the mess on the ground. Discarded bird seed everywhere.”

“No problem, the cleaners will polish it off.”

“The cleaners do not polish it off, because that don’t find it all and the discarded birdseed is growing between the paving stones.”

“No problem human, that means a new fresh crop of bird seed again.”

“Birds you should really be more careful about where the birdseed falls.”

“It was the sparrows. They toss it everywhere, no care. They pounce and eat and nothing left for the others. They always were the cheeky ones.”

“Pick on someone your own size blackbird.”

“Just look at you all. You sparrows no longer hop, you waddle. One of you fell off a branch yesterday and couldn’t pick itself up again, it was so heavy.”

“That is not true, it was the wind that was blowing.”

“Just stupid excuses..”

“Now birds stop arguing, We must have some organisation in the pecking order. I would say the sparrows come first, they are quick and finish in a few minutes. Afterwards the great tits.”

“And us blackbirds and chaffinches?”

“You get the rest that falls on the ground. You are too heavy for the birdhouse in any case.”

“And so the humans are now organsing it all.”

“It is quite easy birds. Who braves the wind and storm and rain to make sure you have enough birdseed? Who carries the heavy bags of birdseed from the store to make sure there is always enough?”

“No idea, it just appears in time when there are only a few sunflower seeds left.”

“Because your human observes your supplies and as soon as it looks empty we fill it.”

“We  thought it just appeared when we were not looking. Ok, in that case if you want to organise, no more sunflower seeds, they get stuck in my mouth.”

“But sparrows, we blackbirds love the sunflower seeds, full of bites.”

“I give up.”

“Human, just fill it up, we birds will sort it out for ourselves. And no hemp seeds, it gives us all dizzy spells.”

“But I love the hemp, I can really fly high on that. Where are you going human?”

“Sort it out for yourselves. I have never met such an ungrateful pack of birds with food problems, and now I have to organise withdrawal treatment for the hemp seeds.”

Birdhouse 10.12 (17)
Daily Prompt: Lecture

Good Morning

Clouds 12.02 (1)

Things are brightening up just a little. We are getting brighter skies, although temperatures are somewhere around -5°C. This photo is from yesterday afternoon, although this morning the sun is also shining.

Robin 12.02.2018

And look who paid a visit yesterday. I organised the window from my chair in the living room as the bird feeder is just outside and there is a back and forth of birds all day. I organisied my cameras and was ready to shoot and this little robin appeared in front of the window. We do not often see robins, and only in Winter. They always arive alone and I was very lucky that this one stayed long enough for a photo.

Finch 12.02 (2)

This bird also appeared and after consultation with a bird book we have and a discussion with Mr. Swiss we decided it must be a chaffinch, although all corrections welcome. Amazing the traffic in front of the window.

And at last we have a cleaning lady. She arrived yesterday to have a look. She will come once a week to go over the bathroom, shower and kitchen, which is ideal for us. I am not in any condition to do any cleaning at the moment, and Mr. Swiss cannot do everything. It is so frustrating for me. I always had order. I still do, but it is not the same. Things I did automatically daily are no longer being done. Our appartment is looking OK, but I feel so useless at the moment. I am still waiting for the miracle day when I rise in the morning and can move like I used to. The medics at the hospital all seemed to think in three months I will be back to normal, and I have a feeling that normal is no longer a word in my vocabulary.

Sparrows 12.02 (2)

The crocus are now appearing in the garden. Time goes so fast as I though they were very early this year, but of course not. We already have almost mid February. Last year I was trapped in my home due to the renovation work on our building and this year I have a broken leg.

I will now dither around, trying to have a wash which is now very complicated. I am now a lady of leisure, just sitting around and doing nothing except for cooking lunch. Have a good day or night, see you around.

Blackbirds 12.02 (1)