Share Your World – February 5, 2018

What would be your ideal fantasy way to spend Monday?

I just did it and it was not even fantasy. I laid around with my broken leg, had an after dinner golden oldie sleep and did not touch a hoover or mop all day. I cooked lunch and even enjoyed it with Mr. Swiss as apprentice, giving and fetching and fussing around. I even managed to have my hair washed, courtesy of help from Mr. Swiss. I tell you just break a leg and all doors are open, and watch it all happening.

What one person that you are out of contact with would you like to say thank you to?

Jason and Emily
Great grandmother Emily and Grandfather Jason Baldock. Married on christmas day because that was the only day in the year they had for a holiday. 16 children, my grandmother having 11 brothers and being the only girl, the other children died on the way.  Lived in the priest’s house at Sissinghurst castle where great grandfather Jason worked as a farm hand. Not really saying thankyou, but I would have loved to have known them.

List your favorite toys or games as a kid?

I would play cards a lot with my dad. He knew many games, and good ones. I wasn’t really a toy person.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I did not appreciate falling onto a hard wooden floor and breaking my femur and so I did not have a lot to smile about. Friday I was sent home with a selection of various pain killers and a new toy, my walking frame. It can only get better.

Share Your World – February 5, 2018

Daily Prompt: Permit of the Day


Basically I am a British citizen. I was born British so you get the all the bits and pieces that go with it, one being a British state pension, because I actually worked in the country and earned money for two years before I decided to move over to Switzerland. I met Mr. Swiss and became a Swiss citizen, so now I have all the swiss bits and pieces as well: double nationality – great, although sometimes it can get confusing. I even have to prove to the British that I am still alive with a certificate now and again to make sure my pension does not arrive in a dark corner of a cemetery.

I have been on the telephone this afternoon for half an hour, or was it more. I made a mistake, although at the time it was a good idea. As my dad was still living in England I opened a british bank account for funds I might need in connection with dad. I had to go through the third degree to be able to open the account, but eventually they accepted me as a customer. My dad passed away two years ago. The account still exists but I used the money to pay for his funeral and transferred quite a lot to my Swiss bank account. I decided it was time to close this account and wrote a letter. Actually it was quite a good letter, with all the details they would need for the money transfer. Now I am not Paul Getty or Thomas Schmidheiny, and my little collection of pound notes would definitely not harm either the british or swiss economy, but there is a small remainder.

I phoned the bank in England and they said I should write a letter which I did. Today I got an e-mail telling me to call them to complete the closure of my account with some details. I called, I waited at least half an hour until I could speak to a human being and she told me that I should write a “fax” (fax?) with various information, which was more or less the same information I had already supplied in my letter. She said she does not have this letter. I told her to find it. Without this letter I would not have received an e-mail to complete the transaction. I was not annoyed, I had a death wish. Eventually I told her to give the money to a dog’s home somewhere if it was not possible to make a plain and simple transaction. The lady carried on and began to dictate a list of items I should supply in a new letter, which her bank actually already had. Perhaps it was a mistake because I did not sign my original letter in blood. Eventually I hung up, because we were getting nowhere. The only thing that was developing was my blood pressure.

So now I have money in England which will probably stay there for the next few thousand years. Ok, there is another way. I will draw it out in a money machine at a swiss bank until there is nothing left and the problem is solved.

I wrote another two letters. One to cash in my english premium bonds which my father invested for me, and to close a small joint savings account in my name and my father’s and here it is really only a matter of clearing up things, no big fortune.  I wonder how this will develop.

Daily Prompt: Permit of the Day

Good Morning


I dragged myself out of bed, telling my left broken leg to or move smoothly without the usual reminder that the bone was a jigsaw puzzle of steel. It reminded me but it was a short lived problem. The next obstacle was to stand in an upright position. Even that works, although at the third try usually. Depositing my mobile phone and iPad on my walker I arrived at the docking station to feed them with electricity and then I opene the blinds and saw snow. It was not very much, but enough to cast a sprinkling of white on everything. As I am confined to home at the moment, I can watch it develop through the window.

The next chore, being Monday, was to contact my doctor and make an appointment to have the stitches removed from my leg. It has been stitched togther in four parts and I will be glad when they are out. They are covered with a super shower proof plaster. The nurse said I should have them out this week as the longer they stay, the more difficult it is to remove them. On Friday I will be stitch free and the little black threads I can see under the plaster will be gone.

In the meanwhile I am now finishing my pain killing tablets. The next obstacle is to have a normal shower and wash my hair, but I cannot get into the shower and stand at the moment. Today a guy will be becoming with a selection of two chairs for in the shower and bath. Of course washing is not big problem, although complicated, but I have no good alternative to wash my hair.

I know, the only interesting part of my life at the moment is how to recover from a broken leg and all its problems.  I have even begun to watch the TV in the evening as I am too exhausted to read or play with my computer. I have noticed that nothing much has changed on the TV programmes and so I fall asleep whilst watching them.  I am even frustrated because I cannot use the vacuum cleaner or mop. Something is missing in my golden oldie life. Mr. Swiss tells me he will finish the kitchen floor when I am finished with the computer. He will be shopping this morning so I have to construct the menu plan for today and tomorrow

Otherwise I will be watching the snow melt outside to keep myself busy.

And now to hobble on to something else, although I am not sure what exactly. Keep safe, see you around and be careful where you tread.