Daily Prompt: Warning

Road to Solothurn 29.03 (12)

My life has been filled with warnings since day one, although I do not really remember mum telling me to keep still in the pram because I might fall out. As soon as I was old enough to venture on perilous journeys that involved crossing the road, that was warning No 1. My first journeys to school  were accompanied by the words “Be careful how you cross the road”. As I got older it changed to “Be careful how you get the bus” and when I actually got to the age where my journeys through life were more extensive she just said “Be careful”. She probably ran out of ideas of danger.

Eventually I was living my own life, and had no-one to warn me of what could happen.

I am now a golden oldie, so I got there eventually. On the way I broke an arm, twice, and not because I was crossing the road. I just fell onto hard surfaces. My latest event was breaking a leg. Mr. Swiss has taken over from my mum and if I go anywhere his last words are “be careful”. During the past years I have collected a few marks on my body. the scars of falling and my knees have accumulated a few lumps and bumps. Since falling on the wooden floor in the bedroom whilst leaving the shower the warnings have increased. The statement after my fall “I knew it would happen one day” remains with me as the famous words of Mr. Swiss, but I still had to try and prove that I was stronger than the pull of gravity.

I now leave home in my wheelchair with an attachment for my stick. Last week I was warned “be careful in your wheelchair”. Now I ask you what could possibly happen. It rolls under electric power, and all I have to do is steer it. OK, along the side of the railway tracks it can get a little dodgy, but up to now I have kept to the straight and narrow. I must admit crossing the road can get a little bumpy on wheels, but I can do it. I can even tilt my seat back when driving to ensure that I do not fall out. I really do not know what the fuss is about.

My last accident was this week. I happenedd to find myself on the floor again, but no problem. I was alone, but with a mobile phone  you can always call for help. The rescue team soon arrived from the local hospital and picked me up within a few minutes. When Mr. Swiss arrived home he mentioned he saw an ambulance leaving. “I hope it was nothing to do with us”, were his words. Yes, these things can happen, just listen to the warnings.

Stairs in Migros 11.10 (2)
Daily Prompt: Warning

Good Morning

Easter Egg

I saw this egg in the local supermarket. It seems they had invited the kids to decorate it for the store’s Easter campaign.  Otherwise Easter continues and today is the second day of Easter stress shopping. We now have everything we need, even a frozen bread, but Mr. Swiss said he will make a trip and get a fresh one to tie us over until Tuesday. We have everything under control and no panic.

Cemetery 30.03 (18)

Although there was rain in the air yesterday, I decided to go for a wheelie in my chair to take a few photos. I took the route over the cemetery although there were very few people to be seen. Good Friday is not such a day for visitors, so I more or less had it all to myself. This bench seems to be quite neglected, but it is a little early in the year for the local gardeners to do their spring cleaning.

I then moved on to the chickens, and who did I see?

Chickens 30.03 (1)

Yes, the rooster was keeping an eye on his 200 ladies which I found to be quite a lot. Mr. Swiss said there is only room for one rooster in the pack, as more would present a problem and they would fight together for the right to look after the eggs. Although I must say I do not really know what the rooster does, but he seems to enjoy the work. This seems to be a new rooster, Harold, his predecessor, had fulfilled his purpose in life and had probably gone on to the happy rooster hunting grounds. This one was really walking around as if he owned the place.

Chickens 30.03 (15)

And here are some of the ladies. As you can see the rooster does not lead such a lonely life.

Geese 30.03 (5)

There are also a few geese to keep an eye on things. There used to be three geese, but now the amount has been increased to four. I do not know what their purpose is, but they tend to make a lot of noise.

Although it was a holiday there were a few people caring for the animals.

Ducks 30.03 (4)

One of the workers had just finished constructing this duck home, and the first occupant had already moved in.

And then the rain arrived so I decided to make my way home. There is always something to see at the local stables.

Yesterday evening I heard some familiar music from the TV and Mr. Swiss decided to do a re-run of the film “The Cider House Rules” from a John Irving book with Michael Caine and Tobey Maguire. It is also one of my favourite films, and I quite like Michael Caine. His accent is basically cockney, although he comes from South of the River Thames. I have seen this film a few times, telling of an orphanage in Maine in the war years and the problems of unwanted children.

Mr. Swiss has now left me for his shopping trip and I will potter around until he returns. It is the lazy days of golden oldie existence and today I am going nowhere. Have a good day, make the most of the quiet days of Easter, we have enough hectic otherwise and enjoy your easter eggs.

Horses 30.03 (1)