Good Morning


I am later this morning as the cleaning lady arrived and is now busy with the work. I had to show her where everything was, and now she is getting on with it. At last I had an almost pain free night from my broken leg, what a relief. I slept normally and now feel more refreshed since a long time.

I was a little disturbed this morning by a strange remark on my yesterday blog that the content was not my usual clean blog content. I do not know if anyone else noticed some strange remarks or perhaps photos, but please let me know. Personally I could see nothing suspicious. You know me for many years, and that is really not my style. Now and again I might make a few negative remarks about certain politicians, who will not be named, but we all have our preferences.

In the meanwhile I am sitting comfortably and heard noise outside. The lumberjack has arrived.


He is removing a few trees opposite my window so I have a perfect view of the work. He even waved to me when he saw I was taking a few photos. I do not know why the trees are being removed, perhaps they were now considered unsafe after our various storms.


After the removal of the trees, my next door neighbour salvaged a few twigs and branches. I think she is constructing her annual easter tree that she has in the front garden and the tree remains would be quite useful for the purpose

Cutting Trees

He progressed to the roof of the bicycle shed and continued to chop. Afterwards his female assistant arrived and it seemed it was her work to shred the wood into smaller pieces.


And that would be the excitement for today. At last new photos for my camera.

Mr. Swiss has now gone shopping and my cleaning lady continues with her work. Have a good day everyone, see you some time later.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well, it certainly wasn’t on the post about cleaners…. maybe the writer meant this as a joke? I went back to yesterday’s post re cleaning lady, snowdrops and google engines and as far as I’m informed there was no dirt to be found! 🙂 Some ppl are strange – I really wouldn’t put you in a category of ‘unclean’ posters (or I wouldn’t read you).
    Have a peaceful rest of the day.

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  2. I saw that remark, too, and went back and reread your entire post. Nothing there, Pat. I thought he might be a troll, at first. No idea what they were talking about. Your posts are funny, informative and fun. Please keep on.

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  3. Now I am wondering what I missed by not seeing that comment. I will not go back for it though. If you happened to say something objectionable by mistake, just remember that it could not possibly be as objectionable as some of the things that I say in my writing.
    I was just cutting up a sweetgum tree yesterday. I did not want it to be cut down, but it was too close to a basketball court, and that pavement is expensive to repair if it gets damaged.

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    • I am careful what I write and was annoyed at the remark. I have heard nothing more, so it is a mystery to me.
      I was surprised when they removed two trees yesterday for no apparent reason

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