Good Morning


Being limited in my movement at the moment, my new photos are only from my observation platform in the appartment. In the morning it is the breakfast table in the kitchen. Suddenly there was movement outside and the crows and magpies came for their daily treat that we throw out on the lawn.  I grabbed my mobile phone camera and shot a few photos from a distance, hoping for capture. One of the photos showed two crows departing, so it was a lucky shot. Not exactly worth a Pulitzer, but something different.

Many say you should not feed birds with bread, but I still do. My bread if freshly cut and within a few minutes usually tranported to the bird kingdom to be eaten.

So what are we doing today? Not very much actually. I try to keep up my routine as much as possible. Mr. Swiss wanted to get my breafast ready, but I told him I would do it. He is very helpful, but I am still trying to maintin as much of my active life as possible.  Today he will be attacking the week-end shopping on his own. A list has been composed . I so wish I could go with him. I am slowly getting cabin fever cooped up at home with a broken leg.

This afternoon I am off to the docs to have the stitches removed. I am still trying to work that one out. Mr. Swiss will drop me off and whilst he is parking the car I will make my way to the surgery. There will be a few steps to overcome with my walker, although there might be a ramp somewhere. It’s funny how the world seems to be out to get you when your abilities are no longer what they should be.


In the meanwhile one of the crows returned to see if there was anything left of the morning feast.

We had some snow yesterday but it has now disappeared again. It has been a strange Winter this year, a Winter that just did not want to be. I was looking through my photos and discovered on a few of our snowy landscape taken a week before Christmas.

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (74)

Since we have had nothing worth mentioning.

And now to move on, although I am not sure where to. Enjoy your day, see you around.

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (43)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. One of our local theaters is rehearsing for a Carnival extravaganza and as I was in the building for another event I popped in to have a look, and was dragged onto the stage to dance to the Mardi Gras music! Serves me right for barging in, but what fun. Gorgeous costumes and heady music, lots of steel drums. All inside, though. Though I remember Fashing in Germany one year when men in dresses burst into homes with brooms.

    I will try to remember to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday; there must be a Swiss equivalent? Any excuse, is what I say. But celebrating the religious side of Lent and Easter I leave to the Hispanic community.

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    • Carnival is custom here. There are various carnival groups that engage themselves for designing costumes and models for the procession. There are masked balls and decorated restaurants, it is part of life at the moment. I am not a carnival,person. Too much excitement for me,

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  2. Love your flying birds! Every once in a long while I get them in flight and I love it, but it’s pretty rare.

    Garry isn’t feeling well, so I’ve been doing everything for a while. This getting old thing totally sucks. I keep trying to be good natured about it, but I just annoys me. I don’t WANT to be old. Let’s refuse to get older. We’ll have a protest. Make signs. Form an angry mob.

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    • I am entirely with you. We look at each other and it suddenly hits you that you are now an old couple. Where has the youth gone, the active figures. Do we dare to look at the old photos. I prefer to avoid them, it is so depressing


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