Daily Prompt: Simplify

Mistletoe 21.01.2p18

Mistletoe simplifies its life. The seeds just arrive on a tree by wind and grow, No Problem, they do not have to search for food or care, the host tree does it all.

I also try to simplify everything I do, why complicated when it can be easier. I am now challenged to simplify normal life procedures, having one less leg availble since I broke it. However, it can only get better.

This afternoon was the big outing to the doc to have the stitches removed. I managed quite well with my new walking machine and Mr. Swiss accompanied me. The doc was waiting for me and there were no complicated manoevres with lying on a couch. I could remain seated and the doc did it all from the side. There were two groups of stitches, it was the last stitch in the row which wanted to attach itself to my body and refused to go. However eventually there was a tug and success and now I am stitch free and plaster free. I am so glad, life is gradually getting back to how it should be.

And now I am going to simplify my life this afternoon and call it a day. This convalesecence life can get very exhausting and I need to relax.

Castle Waldegg 21.01 (4)
Daily Prompt: Simplify

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Simplify

  1. Not to be argumentative, but I think the more physically challenged we get, the more complicated everything is. I sure know that my life is anything but simple. In fact, thinking about it, my head starts to spin!

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  2. Wow — that’s great news. And it seems to have happened quickly. I think that here they re-cast a leg when they take out the stitches — I seem to remember hearing it would take six weeks of casted life to heal! Enjoy your newfound ‘freedom’, and be careful as you begin to explore again!

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