Daily Prompt: I am never bitter, almost never

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Personally I have never been bitter about anything, so what am I supposed to write about? Ok, a Pulither prize would be nice for my blogging efforts, but you cannot have everything, and as long as no-one else here gets one, I can live with it. The same goes for the Nobel prize for services to the blogging community. I work my fingers almost to the bone on my keyboard on the computer, I take photos of everyone and everything, with no prizes for anything: above all no cheques in the post.  As I said I am not bitter, but just do not tell everyone in the reader of all the prizes and rewards you have got for your blogging efforts, unless I get there first of course. I do not mind anyone getting the second or third prize, even a runner up, but it must be me first, although as I said I would not be bitter about it, just a little worked up and annoyed. I might not even talk to you again or leave a like on your blog.

Of course I could twitter about all the wrongs that have been done to me by ignoring my talents as the best blogger and first of course, I am always the first. Just a tweet in the right place at the right time, telling everyone how I have been ignored, reminding everyone that I am the best. Of course I have the most followers, everyone flocks to see what I will write next. Some say this is not true, but I just ignore them, because that is all fake news.

I must now go, the postman has arrived with a suspicious envelope – it might be my nomination as Blogger of the Year. Must quickly put some makeup on, there might be some photographers from the local newspaper wanting to take my photo.

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Daily Prompt: Daily Prompt: I am never bitter, almost never

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I am never bitter, almost never

  1. I was hoping to get through life without bitterness, but that was not to be. Still, it’s a really useless and destructive emotion so I figure time wounds all heels and I’ll overcome it, forget about, make peace with it, etc. It’s also pretty difficult to maintain any bitter feelings when Bear is yammering at me to go outside and clean up her yard. She has a routine and I must stick to it. 🙂

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    • I never had any bitter feelings about anything really. I left home too early probably. And since I have not had the time to get bitter. Our families have now gone and it is really just me and Mr. Swiss and the boys, and they are no great problem.

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  2. You won’t ever be first, but you can, together with the whole of Switzerland, be second, eternally so 🙂

    Don’t know if I have sent you that one before, might have done so because I really, really love it!
    If so, sorry – couldn’t resist
    Sleep well Pat

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    • I don’t know if you have sent it before, but I know it. Many similar were made after Trump made his silly speech about being first. Trump doesn’t blog, so I have a good chance of being first .


  3. I never did think you were a bitter person, I’m glad that we now hear from your own lips. I’d be the first one in line to nominate you for any or all blogging awards, even a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. You are right at the top of the list.
    I have a question, one of these mornings I will not wake up and get out of my old bed anymore, what will become of my blogging activity? Will it just vaporize into cyberspace, or do I need to have someone take it over to keep it alive, or bury it with me?

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    • It never really entered my mind to be bitter, life is too short and takes its own course. There are a few awards in a WordPress but nothing official and it is a sort of chain thing, like I will scratch your back and you scratch mine, which is not my sort of thing. Would prefer to be famous internationally 🙂
      Who knows what will happen when I am gone just another abandoned blog in the bloggers happy hunting grounds.


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