Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: May 7, 2017


Odd Balls are everywhere, even in the kitchen. Yesterday I was preparing mushrooms. I always buy them fresh and select them myself. Mr. Swiss selected them this time and this one, or is it three, was also in the bag. I naturally had to take a few photos.

Renovation 05.05 (6)

It cannot get odder than this when you live on a building site. This path used to be so easy to walk through, now you really have to be careful. Even the wires disappeared into the drain.

I saw these two bears in the local supermarket. They were preparing for their first flight in a balloon.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: May 7, 2017

Daily Prompt: The Exposures


You see them all the time. It might be your mum or dad, your grandparents, but mostly your childen and grandchildren. Exposure is the new way of life. It all began with tbe computer. At first it was harmless, becasue you were playting games or sending e-mails, but then someone discovered that we can share, and so it came to be that something called “Facebook” was developed. This was the beginning of exposure. It was no longer reserved for the famous and the specials, you can have it to.

You had your own place on the computer. You could tell everyone what you were eating, where you were going on holiday. It was a general “look what I am doing” movement. This was only the first step because in the meanwhile the mobile phones complete with camera arrived on the scene. Now you could illustrate all your actions, and show people how good you were. I know I have been there and done that. See my photo, I am taking a selfie, you can see me. I am exposed, but you must have a mirror to go with it. Most people you see are standing with the telephone at the end of an outstretched arm so that they can get the full effect.

Christmas is a perfect opportunity. You have a family gathering and you can expose the complete family on whatever social site you partake in. Last Christmas was full of golden oldies and their families, all grouped together in their living room, preferably standing in front of the Christmas tree, dressed for the occasion. Another favourite is showing what you are cooking for a special occasion. I have seen it all from the turkey to the specially prepared salmon – in their raw state and cooked. We know no limits. A private sphere no longer exists. Why keept it to yourself, when the whole world can see your achievements.

Holidays are a wonderful thing to show. The neighours stay at home and spend the holiday in the garden, but you have travelled and the photos arrive. Tanned golden oldies (like me) standing in front of the Parthenon in Greece, young couples laying in the sun on a far distant beach in the Bahamas, or just perhaps Italy.  In Winter your first attempts at skiing, and let us not forget the photo on the top of the mountain, which you actually reached in a mountain railway. Everyone dressed in the latest sports clothes, 200 different sorts of Addidas Sneakers, if they have a trade mark on the shoe even better, The neighbours will get jealous, especially if they are not in Facebook.

And me: of course I am in facebook, would not want to miss anything, after all everyone does it. Life has become one big exposure, so lets make the others jealous.

I am in Facebook, in Twitter (only because of the american President, although I have never found him there) and my photos are all on line with connections to a few thousand others. I rarely do selfies, but now and again just to show off. One of the basic features of online life is the showing off. What is the point otherwise? You must see and be seen.

Mr. Swiss left Facebook a couple of weeks ago. He was never really happy about being there. Was it because he only had 20 friends and I had 900? Was he jealous of my online success? He no longer has people congratulating him on his birthday, although he never really wanted to become famous, but preferred to remain in the background. I warned him that he would no longer be able to use the messenger, complete with its video system, but he found his mobile phone is just as good. He is now isolated, no longer is exposed to his social contact list (all 20 of them). We discovered we can still communicate by speech, so no big problem.

I am still in Facebook, relishing in every exposure possible. Must go, one of my online colleagues has just told everone that her washing machine has broken down, in the middle of a wash – oh, the dramas of everyday life.

Facebook Community

“What did you say?”. Of course I have my very own Angloswiss place in Facebook, it is a community – you have to mix with the crowds today, otherwise you run the danger of isolation..

Daily Prompt: The Exposures

Good Morning


I cannot say it’s raining again, because it is still raining. I thought it stopped some time during the night, but no such luck. It just got quieter. I used to have a view from the bedroom window of a garden, with green sprouting plants and even flowers. I can be glad to see anything at the moment. The builders have taken over and even make their presence felt when they have a week-end break. I have a metal construction in front of the window and a sheet of plastic for protection of the garden. I almost forgot the pile of tiles that they had removed from the front of the window to enable them to dig a ditch deep enough to install the poles of the scaffolding. If it continues to rain, we will soon have a moat with fish.

I have now noticed a further annoyance. I like clean windows. Now and again I might take a photo of the bird life (which has also now made itself scarce), but now I have muddy spots on the outside glass from the building residue. I do not clean them every day, once every two weeks is sufficient and it is not big job. Now it is a big job because I have marks to remove. Mr. Swiss finds not to bother, they will only get dirty again – male logic.

Today I will probably go nowhere and do nothing, due to rain.

Jordi watch

watch 006I have another problem currently. Although I am surrounded by digital timing equipment such as my mobile phone, the television clock, two iPads and two computers, I still have the old fashioned idea of wearing a watch

My favourite watch is my Michel Jordi Swiss ethnic edition. They were introduced in 1991 with a design for each of the Swiss Kantons. Our Kanton is Solothurn, which has a red and white flag. This design was one of the planer ones. Mr. Swiss bought me such a watch for Christmas in 1991 with the symbols of Kanton Schwyz as in the photo, because it had a nice snowflake design. They all had the little embossed cows on the edge of the watch and the straps all had the same edelweiss design, available in various colours. They were not cheap, but affordable and I love this watch. I wore it every day, but there comes a time for all watches, when it needs a revision. It had a battery and now and again this had to replaced. Eventually I paid for a complete revision and it served me for many further years.

For the second time in its life it stopped working and so we gave it to the local watchmakers shop. Unfortunately in the meanwhile Michel Jordi went bankrupt and the watches were no longer being made, but you could still get spare parts and also new watchbands, but in limited colours. I preferred the black band, but the shop now only has red,  green or blue, so I have the red band.

Mr. Swiss took the watch to the shop, and for 25 Swiss Francs it got a new battery and a general clean up. I could wear my favourite watch again, but only for a week. Suddenly it stopped.  Mr. Swiss brought it back to the watchmaker and yesterday we got a written telephone message (no-one calls any more) to say that the watch had been examined and would need a complete revision (another one?) costing 250 Swiss Francs and they cannot gurantee that it would be water proof afterewards due to its age.  It still works now and again, so Mr. Swiss picked up the watch and told them to forget it.

I really like this watch, so I have not yet given up. I can still wear it, but suddenly it stops for no reason. Perhaps it is an age thing. I also stop now and again for no apparent reason.

And I will be back and hope it might stop raining in the meanwhile,