Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: May 14, 2017

Renovation 14.05 (3)

If you gotta go, you gotta go, even if you are working on a building site.


I have got used to this sort of thing in front of my window – bulding work!

Garden Ornaments 14.05 (1)

I think he was waiting for his friend, he said meet me next to the big flower pot on the right.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: May 14, 2017

Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Renovation 09.05 (16)

Does not look very inviting at the moment at my place. The door bell has been exposed and there is only an thick lead to show it is still working due to renovations, but welcome all the same. We have a super system. The outside entrance door to the apartments is always locked. If someone rings your door bell, you press a button in the apartment and you can already talk to the unknown visitor over intercom. He does not see you, and you do not see him – it is only voice contact. If you decide he is a welcome visitor, you press the button inside the apartment which automatically opens the main entrance door. He still has to get through my private door according to whether I open it or not. All very well organised, but not for me, although Mr. Swiss tells me to talk on the intercom.

We live on the ground floor and I have only a few steps to the main entrance, so if someone rings the bell I go and have a look who it is. I cannot be bothered with all that intercom stuff.

I am not inhospitable, but I would not invite anyone into my apartment if I did not know them or did not expect them. We continuously get the Jehova Witness people wanting to convert you, or the sellers of various articles which we do not need. Although I have not seen the Jehova Witness campaigners for some time, probably since I told them I was atheist. She asked me why. I asked her why she was Jehovah Witness and then she said goodbye.

Actually I have become quite inhospitable over the years. I no longer contribute to various charities. There are so many, and who am I supposed to choose, so I treat everyone equally and give nothing. I greet people I recognise and know when they let me out and I like a good chat if I have the time. I no longer hand out so many invitations. Our  relations are dwindling with time, the older generation (I mean old, I am also old, but not yet ancient) have passed on and the remaining relations we do not bother with. They do not both with us either. Sometimes I find it an advantage to have all my people in another country. We have contact, but they are not standing on the doorstep.

In the earlier days it seemed to me that is was always me that invited, cooked the meal for everyone and was glad to see them go evenutally. Today I can make my own choices and to be quite honest, I very rarely make invitations just for the fun of it. Close family is something else, because they are close family and because they are welcome.

And that’s that. I am really not being inhospitable, but I have no further words on this theme.

Railway Feldbrunnen

Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Good Morning

Crow 13.05 (2)

In Summer you hear the crows most of the time, cawing to each other, but they no longer get within camera distance. They have better things to do. However, I decided to intervene and put some bread remainders on the scaffolding in front of my kitchen window. I suddenly heard the clank of mega clawed feet on the metal and a blackbird was already helping himself to a beak full. However, crows do not wait for photos to be taken, and as soon as they noticed they are being watched by a human they fly off, with a beak full of bread pieces. The crow in the photo was still thinking about it, perched on the hedge next to the scaffolding, so I took the photo. The funny thing is that suddenly all the bread disappears and I do not see it happening. They are clever, sly birds and wait until I leave the kitchen and then they pounce.

Today is the day after the Eurovision Song Contest where countries all over Europe enter their specially composed song to be presented and hope to win the trophy. This competition as been going for years, and when I was a kid we would all sit in front of the TV on that special Saturday evening and cross fingers that the Brits would win – I was then a Brit, and nothing Swiss. Over the years this Eurovision thing got very popular, there were many new countries from East Europe and following them the USSR was now known as Russia and a few other names by their ex republics, so everyone began to join it. What used to be an evenings contest is now split over three evenings. Two evenings to sort out who gets enough votes to achieve a place in the third evening of the finalists.

We gave up watching this tingle tangle speciality some years ago, perhaps just looking in on the last few minutes to see who won. Not even this interests me now. The East Europeans vote for each other, the latin based language  countries vote for each other, the scandinavians vote for each other and the Brits are full of disappointment every year because they are no longer first. I have not even listened to the Swiss entry, being sung by some unknown Rumanien singer, it did not interest me. This year it took place in the Ukraine because they won last year and three guys were sort of leading the audience throught the proceedings. How did I know?

This morning when checking through the nights events in Internet on my iPad there was a news entry on one of the Swiss news sites that Portugal had won the contest. Big deal, at least a real European country and not a wannabe, so I decided to have a listen on the video. I was not impressed, just not my taste I suppose, although Mr. Swiss filled me in that the singer was a well-known jazz singer.  Where are the good old songs from the Abba days and Sandy Shaw where you could sing along? The singers all have unpronoucable names and once an Austrian lady won it with a beard and moustache. Not that it bothered me, but I cannot remember the song she/he sung. Over the last 20 years I cannot remember one single song that won this contest.

I have now wasted enough time on this blog about a song contest that no-one over the pond would interest in any case.

Today is mother’s day Facebook and Google tell me. I actually thought it was last week, so you see how much it interests me. Of course I find we mothers should also have a day, everyone has a day today, but my dad would always be shaking with fear in case I forgot and did not buy mum some flowers or chocolate. He was reminding me a week before. Of course I remembered, but he did not want mum to have one of her revengeful moods where she spoke to no-one because she did not get her mothers day gift from me. Perhaps one of the reasons that you will not see any photos on my Facebook to commemorate mother’s day. Yes I can be very consequent. Mr. Swiss says I am not his mother (true) so what’s the fuss.

I have all I need, am satisfied. Health could be better, but not only mine, we all have our golden oldie problems, so what’s the point in worrying. I even had to tell Mr. Swiss not to buy so many special chocolates for me, which he often did with good intentions (and not waiting for a mother’s day), wanting to give me a special treat. I am diabetic and loved those chocolates, but the glucose amount in my blood levels definitely did not.

Enjoy the day everyone whatever you are celebrating or not, just make the most of it. Every cloud has a silver lining, you just have to find it. Ours are now full of rain. 🙂

Feldbrunnen village (10)