Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 5, 2017

Path Estate 05.05.2017

This path was made a couple of months ago for the builders to have access to the site for transporting all their materials. It cuts through our wild meadow.

Feldbrunnen 11.04 (5)

A path in our village of Feldbrunnen. Switzerland

Railway 07.04.2017

The railway tracks leading from our village to Solothurn, seen in the distance.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 5, 2017

Daily Prompt: The Lifestyle of an alien Angloswiss

It came to pass that there was dissatisfaction in the building of those living in a a place to remain unnamed. It could be improved, it must be better. After almost twenty years living in the place they had chosen, there was unrest. Everything was said to be old fashioned, could be improved on. What was built 20 years ago is today out of date, insufficient.

A committee was formed to discuss these conditions. Letters were sent into the land to the experts and the smell of profits was in the air. Suggestions were made but the first committee decided it was too early. It then happened that this committee was abandoned, various members left and a new committee was formed, with new members and with the so-called experts. And so it happened that letters were again sent, inviting suggestions to improve the life style of the building.

The colour of money was again shown, and wavered under the noses of the interested parties, profits lay in the air, and new suggestions arrived, much better, and more expensive. These were reliable suggestions, and why just layer new decorations on the cake when you could rebuild the cake with butter instead of margarine. It is all a question of lifestyle, of being the best.

Renovation 04.'5 (6)

And so the men arrived with their steel helmets, their steel constructions and screws and hammers and drills. They began to build, and then were followed by the men in white wearing masks and goggles whose first job was destruction and soon pure chaos reigned, but all in the name of modernisation. A daily lifestyle was now spedified by the invaders. They began to work in the morning at an early hour with their machines and destruction and there was no time for relaxation. Hammering and boring and the buzzing of the drill were the daily background noises.

Tidy gardens soon became a collection of discarded, unnecessary building material.  Nature had been pushed to one side, it was standing in the way of progress.

The victims were soon indoctrinated into the new way of life, the modern way of life. Digital awakening devices were replaced by the arrival of the builders in the early morning. Golden oldies were now lulled into sleep after lunch by the sound of machines and tools, but one day everything would be bigger and better they were told and nicer of course.  Some did not believe it, others doubted, but they were outnumbered by those that had become the planners. There were a few small accidents, but just broken glass due to vibrations, and glass could be replaced of course. But important was that progress was being made,

And so life went on. Everyone had a common theme to discuss. In troubled times there is a common denominator, noises and problems were shared. And so we will leave this place, because survival is always of the fittest. The balance of their bank accounts will be somewhat less, but it will all be worth it eventually. It will look nicer.

Renovation 04.'5 (15)

The Lifestyle of an alien Angloswiss

Good Morning – Viet Nam?

Renovation 04.'5 (23)

That was a good film and at least they had a humurous DJ to greet everyone. This morning I was hugging the blankets and heard the march of booted feet in front of the bedroom window. “Ah, the workers are here” was my thought and I turned over. Suddently I was under attack. Builders begin at the top and work their way down to the ground floor and this morning they had reach our level: those plaster cutters really make a noise. I no longer need my digital alarm clock(s) on two iPads and the mobile phone, the workers do it all for me and they are not digital, but reality.

After checking through my various likes and comments on WordPress I decided to advance to the kitchen, on the other side of the house, where the birds were still singing. On my way, I heard a tap on the window in the room next to my bedroom. A masked man was standing in front of the window  – “they’re here” was my first thought, imagining that ET wanted to find his way home. No, it was a worker telling me that the window was open and I would be engulfed in clouds of building residue (was he laughing behind his mask). We had opened the window yesterday evening and forgotten to close it this morning. What a life! Gone are the routined days of the Angloswiss family where we said good morning to the world and I would take photos of birds. Now we are under siege, and must develop a new defence plan.

Renovation 04.'5 (16)

Our blinds were also completely removed yesterday and now we have only our new curtain system. I did not grow up with these heavy metal blinds on the window and still consider them a luxury, although to a Swiss they are a way of life. The new curtain system is very good at blocking out the early morning sun. Of course the rooms are not as darkened as they were, but that does not really bother me so much, perhaps others – no names mentioned.

Renovation 04.'5 (17)

It seems over the past 20 years, various examples of bird life decided to build their nests in the metal boxes at the top of the blinds, where the mechanism is. I never noticed it, but it seems the  removal men found these remains everywhere. This year there will definitely be no nest building in our appartments, unless the birds will also be fitted with ear plugs.

Back to the normalities of life. This week I wanted to pay in the supermarket with my plastic card. I always use my Swiss post account. The card is a nice yellow colour and is one of the main Swiss systems of payment. The lady on the till told me the card is not working this morning. They have a problem at the post. The lady operating the next till said I should try it all the same, as it might be working again. It was not working and it was my only method of payment. I no longer carry all my plastic money in my purse, as too many purses are being stolen. Luckily Mr. Swiss had his plastic bank card and so we could settle the bill.

It seems that on this day, the complete Swiss Post Office system broke down. There were even telephone lines that were not working. As we only have our mobile phones we had no problem, but there might have been problems on the normal fixed network. This miserable state of affairs continued until the afternoon, when the post gave the all clear, but I still did not trust the system. I had an online payment to make, but decided to wait until the next day.

And now to the happy week-end shopping hunting grounds, an escape from the world of building to the world of logistics. We have made our online cloud shopping list and are almost ready to go. It is now all quiet on the bulding front, although they morning break only happens in half an hour. Perhaps they are now changing the worn down bore heads to continue the attack.

Enjoy the day, it will soon be week-end, the days of noise free environments because the builders also have a week-end. And to show it is not all noise and distrubance here, we have forget-me-not flowering in the garden, although surrounded by tiles removed from our patio to make room for the scaffolding – I know, I have a building complex at the moment.

Forget-me-nots 04.05.2017