Daily Prompt: I Did It My Way

Describe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.” Tell us about the decision, and why you’d choose to take a different path this time around.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ITERATION.

Twilight in Feldbrunnen

This subject seems to be a déjà vue, but me never being at a loss for words I will continue. The photo has absolutely nothing to do with what I am writing, except perhaps for the fact that I planted the pampas about twenty years ago. It was then just a few leaves. With time it has taken over the centre of the lawn, spreading its roots and feathery flowers in all directions. I just let it grow and spread and have never regretted my decision to plant it. I also planted a Japanese reed, but that was a regrettable decision. It grew to three meters height and began to spread in all directions. A decision was made and the gardener removed the complete growth. It has been replaced by a buddleia and rose bush since, although it still pokes up now and again as if to say, I am not being done-over.

Perhaps I should never have joined Facebook, but then my computer would feel neglected. Facebook is even in the start programme. If I had not joined I would miss all those wonderful words that people write about how they feel, what they are doing, and why they are doing it. I even caught a spam this week and it really was not my fault. OK, I saw this stupid video about some bloke called Justine Bieber (who?) and clicked, thinking why not. This was a mistake, I was trapped and had to say yes. It was then I noticed that my name was attached to this brainless video for all to see in Facebook. How degrading, even my terminal was blushing. I naturally deleted this post and made a public confession. I was calmed when a few of my 900 colleagues in Facebook said how surprised they were, as it is not something to be expected from me. If I had never joined Facebook I would have 900 friends less, so always look on the bright side. I must admit I only perhaps know 100 of these friends, the rest being ballast that I picked up on the way.

I was a gamer (another confession), but I did a cold turkey and discovered that my day had more time to spare for cleaning, washing, ironing and a little bit of blogging when I cast the brainless games on one side. I often wonder what my café, farm and house are now doing without my daily visits. There again, I did it over all on my own. I am still thinking about Candy Crush, but I am not yet addicted. Just do it when I have restless fingers on my iPad.

I could go further and say I should never have bought a computer. Actually Mr. Swiss installed the first computer at home complete with e-mails . I remember back in the dark days when we had just one computer and received perhaps two e-mails per week. I thought what a waste, I really do not need this. How wrong can you be? A year later I had my own computer. E-mail traffic was still at a minimum, but it was growing and Internet was via telephone. If your son decided to also have a computer with Internet connection, it could become very expensive and a source of family tension, although I do have my son to thank for my initiation into computer games on floppy disks. Oh what wonderful memories still linger colouring various screen landscapes with a Wizball and exploring the details of Korronis rift (for the younger computer freaks amongst us, these were two of the pre-online games). I am glad I did not get a “do-over” in connection with the computer.

I am still wondering if it was a good idea to give a home to three felines.

“Mrs. Human, just a small correction. You did not give us a home, we decided to move in.”

“Yes Nera feline, I know.”

“No stupid ideas about a “do-over” in that connection. Tabby, Fluffy and I have decided to stay. The food is OK, although the tuna fish portions could be a little more. We were successful in our training programme and the litter box is regularly cleaned.”

“Glad to oblige Nera, just let me know if something is not to your taste.”

I am still wondering if the feline adoption take over was a good idea: Must make a note to serve tuna fish three times a week instead of just twice. I cannot live with three unhappy felines.

Daily Prompt: I Did It My Way

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