Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUN.


I only have good times. I am a golden oldie, freed from the plague of having to do anything, just pleasing myself. Every day is for I, me and myself, and life is one big funfair. I arise in the morning look out of the window and what do I see: a field of crocus, not exactly a field, but a large area of the lawn. It is almost Spring, the ground is awakening. What is now my task? I look at the time and see it is not even seven o’clock in the morning. I notice again that the crocus are not yet open to receive the light of the day and I decide the crocus are being very sensible, so I will join them. I am not ready for this day yet.

My duties are none, although a feeling of hunger suddenly creeps on me. Another glance at my iPhone shows that it is now almost eight in the morning. I like my iPhone for showing the time. It has a discrete lighting effect, makes no noise, fits nicely on the bedside table and I can switch it off according to my requirement. How did I lose an hour? I just closed my eyes for a few moments and the time has been digested in a mysterious way. The crocus are still closed, but my eyes are now open: my duties and obligations have evaporated, so what shall I do with this day of freedom. I hear the scratch marks of paws on the bedroom door. Who forgot to tell the felines that I had the day off?

I make my way to the kitchen and look at the table which is not covered with my cooked breakfast, or a cup of tea. It is do-it-yourself day. Perhaps Mr. Swiss is secretly doing the daily prompt and also has a “Nothin’ but a good time day”. I ignore this, make some breakfast and switch on the computer.

“Good morning” says Google, “today is Victor Sokolov’s birthday”. Who? You are thinking. I found it on Wikipedia. I also do not know who Victor Sokolov is or was, some sort of Russian.

I take a glance at Facebook and see that Mr. Mark Zuckerberg has bought Whatsapp for a few billion dollars. I think that is the one my son told me abou,t that he has on his androidal telephone. I had a look on Internet to see what Whatsapp actually does, but only discovered it does a lot more than Facebook. I have problems keeping up with Facebook, so I think I will not bother with Whatsapp. I am already stressed out on a day when everything evaporates. Lucky Mark, I wish him well with it and all its related virus programmes. Poor Mark will never have a free day with all his problems and duties just disappearing. The man must be a workaholic, but he is doing it all for our benefit. You just have to like him.

After sharing the woes and problems of my Facebook disciples, those whose washing machine has again broken down and others that had to go to work and do not want to (what’s work), I decide to take a break with the problems of the world, so I switch off the computer, not without at first doing a clean-up of visited links and cookies and letting my Anti Malaware programme to run. You never know who is attacking you in between the bytes. For a day with nothing to do, I have already had my fair share of stress it seems.

So now for the stress-free day-to-do-what-you-like: this is a difficult problem, I am confronted with decisions and things to do that I can do and do not have to do. I then realise I need assignments, challenges, in my golden oldie life. What is fun? This evening there is a concert in the local town, starring Blue Dög and his band, a well-known local blues gitarrist. My son will be there and offered me the chance to go with him. Not that I do not like blues gutar, of course I love music, the louder the better, but there is a problem. Mr. Blue Dög will probably be appearing at ten in the evening and then I am thinking about my golden oldie slumbers. I wished my son a nice evening and told him mum will stay at home (and probably read a book). I decided I do not need this fun. I will watch the crocus open on the lawn during the day, feed the birds and write a prize suspicious daily prompt blog.

They will even let me out to go shopping where I see the smiling faces of other shoppers and the sales ladies. I even got a free box of goodies from my local supermarket today. I am collecting sticky labels on a card, according to how much I spend, and when it is full I am rewarded. Today was the day that I had a full card in my hands and when I arrived home I opened the parcel. Oh what joy, a celebration containing a free packet of wild rice and a bottle of cocktail sauce. I gave the chewing gum and the ice tea bottle to my son and the biscuits to Mr. Swiss. I had to share this fun box with someone.

So there we have it, a day not to be compared with others. I so hope that the Daily Prompt will be a restful prompt tomorrow. I was exhausted just thinking of things to do today to enjoy my fun.

Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

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