Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – The Water Taster

Tabby testing the water

“Tabby what are you doing with your paw in that dish of water?”

“Mrs Human, it is obvious. I am tasting the water.”

“Tasting the water? Aren’t you going to drink the water?”

“Of course Mrs. Human, but one thing at a time. If you have a bottle of wine, you do not remove the cork and swallow the complete bottle. First of all you let it breathe to develop its full flavour. You pour it carefully into a glass and you swirl it around to develop the full aroma.

“So what does that have to do with a bowl of water Tabby?”

“Mrs. Human we felines are specialists, water is not just water. If it arrives downwards, from that rain stuff, it is fresh and the best for our gentle taste buds. Unfortunately water falling down on our heads and fur is to be avoided, but if it arrives on a leaf, then it is like a Cabinet Sauvignon, a Grand Cru vintage water, to be carefully sipped. If its source is an ordinary tap, it first of all has to be carefully tasted, to ensure that the chemical taste is not too strong. Drinking water is a not an simple task.”

“Oh, I see Tabby, I did not realise that it was so difficult. I hope the choice of water is to your favour.”

“No problem Mrs. Human. We felines have noticed that the bowl is filled regularly every morning, generally from the tap. In this case we wait some time for it to settle, to develop its bouuquet and for any chemical additions to evaporate. When it is ready it is not just a drink. If you drink wine you take a careful sip to ensure that there are no imperfections. It is the same for us felines. We carefully dip our paw into the water and take a small lick from the paw. If the water meets with our approval and we are thirsty, we insert our tongue into the dish and refresh ourselves. Personally I prefer to lick the water from my paw. My taste buds can then really absorb the full aroma and volume.”

So there we have it, water is not just water, it is like wine. It has to be treated with care and carefully handled, preferably by paw.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (23) Valentines Edition

Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WISHES.


I wish that Fluffy would find another place to have a sleep instead of my chair.

I had just finished my midday golden oldie sleep, when the door bell sounded. I hate having to present myself to the public when I am not quite in the world, especially when I have a few things lined up, like cleaning and writing a daily prompt.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Angloswiss.” A man was standing at the door dressed in a suit with a large badge on his jacket bearing the worlds “WORDPRESS Daily Prompt supervisor”. “At last we meet personally.”

“I’m sorry, but I do not remember expressing the wish to meet anyone personally. Can I help you?”

“Exactly, we recognised your 50 shades of blogging talent in our offices and your name was picked today to personally deal with your three wishes.”

“Three wishes? I don’t get you.” My brain was still recovering from the realm of sleep and who was this guy anyhow, a genie in WordPress disguise.

“I can see you are bewildered Mrs. Angloswiss, but let me help. Have you seen todays Daily Prompt? We are granting you three wishes and you can now inform me personally.”

“Is this real, or do you want me to sign up for one of those Premium Themes? I am already paying for a .com site and my financial possibilities are now at their maximum.”

“Just the opposite Mrs. Angloswiss: you can place three wishes and WordPress will grant them.”

“Who are you speaking to at the door” Mr Swiss was calling.

“Some bloke from the WordPress. He says I can have three wishes.”

“Good then ask him where the remote control is for the stereo. I have been searching for three days and still not found it.”

“Did you hear Mr. WordPress.”

“No problem, tell him to look on top of the loudspeaker next to his desk.”

I called out in a loud clear voice to Mr. Swiss “He said to look on the loudspeaker next to the desk.”

“Ah, now look at that. It must have been lying there all the time.” Mr. Swiss was happy, he had found it.

“You see Mrs. Angloswiss, I was not pulling you on. You have three wishes and one has been granted. Now for the other two.”

I took a closer look at this WordPress person. Did I see a glimmer of red in his eyes, or was it the sun rays reflecting on his face. Actually when I look closer I see that his whole person seems to be standing in a circular ring of light descending from a gap in the clouds.

“I am still waiting Mrs. Angloswiss. I have a lot of WordPress clients to visit this afternoon. Just two more wishes.”

“Ok, do not rush me, I have to think about this. What about helping all the poor people in the world and healing the sick?”

“Again, I have that one at least one hundred times on the list. Sounds good, but give me something different. You do want to win the Pulitzer/Nobel prize for your efforts in the blog world or perhaps be freshly pressed again?”

“Yes, that’s it, I will take the Pulitzer prize.” At last my efforts would be recognised worldwide.

“Sorry cannot do that, already been taken” he answered.

“Just a minute, are you kidding me. All you have produced up to now is a remote control that would have eventually been found in any case.”

“But WordPress saved time and Mr. Swiss is happy.”

“You know what. I think, you are having me on. You talk about three wishes being granted on a daily prompt, and that daily prompt has been done before. You are wasting my time. I just wish you would write the prompt yourself and go.”

Strange things happen, there was a clap of thunder and bolt of lightning and this WordPress man in a suit just disappeared. Was I dreaming? I returned to the living room and Mr. Swiss was happy channel jogging on his stereo with the remote listening to a few jazz tracks from various radio stations.  I sat down at the computer to see if this daily prompt was all real and there it was all written and uploaded.

1. I wish Mr. Swiss would find the remote.
2. I wish someone would write my daily prompt.
3. I wish the WordPress man would stop bothering me.

OK, I am not saying anything more.

Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

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