RDP Saturday: Food

We all need it, food, but what we eat depends on taste . At the beginning of my married life I discovered that my taste, my favourites, were not important. No. 1 son would not eat green vegetables, Mr. Swiss was – well – Swiss and he was not in the english way of things. Otherwise I had three others at the table and it became difficult, but somehow I managed. No-one was interested n my preferences and so I eventually ate everything that I cooked – because of the taste of the others. There were criticisms of course, but we survived. As time went by the children moved out, and a year ago Mr. Swiss left for his golden oldie home. I am now left with No.1 son, who still does not eat green food, but we manage. He otherwise seems to eat everything. Being autistic he does not say so much, but gradually, perhaps because we are now alone, he has begun to tell me what his preferences are in vegetables. He is basically a carnivore, but now is is discovering his preferences. He does not like peppers, but aubergine and courgettes as on the good side. And now the time has come when I eat alone at midday, as my son works during the day.

I can now cook what I like and have discovered that my diet is almost without meat. I like cheese and make my own soups with various vegetables. I lived from soup packets all my life and have discovered that a self made soup is no great work and quite tasty. This evening I am alone, No. 1 son is at a pop concert. You can see my evening meal. I decided on asparagus, as there was a special offer, with some air dried meat and of course a sauce hollandaise (which came from a packet).

For tomorrow lunch we have a lamb rack with green beans and french fries. No 1 autistic son once confessed that he likes lamb, another triumph of discovering what he actually likes.

RDP Saturday: Food

4 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Food

  1. Looks great. I always made sure our four young ones were fed first and then I would eat and later when daddy came home or woke up, would make sure he was fed. These days, if I’m doing the cooking, I eat, make sure daddy is fed and then let all those young ones (all in there 20’s now) go and get it themselves.

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    • There are some advantages now living alone. I must say Mr. Swiss has a great team of cooks in his senior home. Mainly two guys with some assistants and they make everything themselves. Very healthy

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