RDP Saturday: Question

This entrance has many question. The first is how do you enter. It is the entrance to Mr. Swiss Golden Oldie home, but you cannot just enter. They take care of their residents, having an average age of about 70-80 years. They still have covid precautions, and you cannot just open the gate. You have to punch in a special code and then there is a buzzing noise meaning you can push the gate open, but do it immediately otherwise it closes again. Afterwards you walk along the path and open the second door where masks are ready to wear. As a visitor you should wear a mask for protection of the residents. The residents do not have to wear a mask. I am used to the system, but it is annoying.
RDP Saturday: Question

5 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Question

  1. The opening of the little art show at the local museum is today. I have mixed feelings about going. I’m pretty sure I got Covid there when I did my poetry reading. I don’t want to get it again. I could wear a mask, but as I understand it, that won’t protect me as much as it protects others. I’m more interested in protecting myself, frankly. So…I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do.

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