FOWC with Fandango: Indebted

I am indebted to the large supermarket in a nearby village that delivers my shopping once a week. It started a couple of years ago and they invited me to join. It was really an invitation. It was a new system and they probably found I was a good customer. I joined and have never regretted it since. The system was new, but over the year it was being developed and for my needs it could not be better. I know the supermarket and their products very well. I have a computer page in Internet where I can place my online orders. I organised it that I get a delivery on Friday from 10-11 in the morning and it works perfectly. The goods arrive by electric cars and brought to my door. They are packed as can been seen in the photo, and the empty packing is collected on the next delivery. For me it is a great support as I have MS and can only go shopping with my scooter. At the moment the snowy days are upon us and I cannot leave the home very well, so this is ideal. They are not able to deliver frozen goods, but as I always get fresh produce I have a large deep freezer chest and a vacuuming machine and freeze products such as meat myself. Otherwise now and again, weather permitting, I pop along the road to the local supermarket and buy a few items myself that they cannot deliver..

Online purchasing has become part of my life, and payment is also online, easy to handle, on the computer.

FOWC with Fanndango: Indebted

RDP Saturday: Question

This entrance has many question. The first is how do you enter. It is the entrance to Mr. Swiss Golden Oldie home, but you cannot just enter. They take care of their residents, having an average age of about 70-80 years. They still have covid precautions, and you cannot just open the gate. You have to punch in a special code and then there is a buzzing noise meaning you can push the gate open, but do it immediately otherwise it closes again. Afterwards you walk along the path and open the second door where masks are ready to wear. As a visitor you should wear a mask for protection of the residents. The residents do not have to wear a mask. I am used to the system, but it is annoying.
RDP Saturday: Question