FOWC with Fandango: Situation

Yesterday I cooked some sliced veal in a a white wine cream sauce with mushroom. It is a typical Swiss dish and it suited Christmas Day. I served it with Rösti, a Swiss potato dish, and we enjoyed it. It was just my son and I. However, I was quite surprised by this mushroom. I think it wanted to be two mushrooms but it just could not leave its partner, so they stayed together. They seemed to be happy with their situation.

FOWC with Fandango: Situation

RDP Monday: Adore

I did enjoy lunch today. At last the Chrismas holidays are nearly over. The radio station I listen to for music is now playing normal music and not 25 hours a day Christmas Carols. I did make sure that our food was something better this holiday, and today it was our classic Boxing Day food of ham (with pineapple) red cabbage and potatoes. I do not use words like adore any more. Much has happened in my life that has killed my sense of adoration. Things I thought to be were not. I am now living my life for myself and my son, Mr. Swiss is now in a Golden Oldie Home, and this is the best solution for us both.

Sorry my plate looks a bit messy, but I was half way through my meal and not everything as perfect as your want it to be.

RDP Monday: Adore