FOWC with Fandango: Advertisement

Advertisements are lost on me, especially on the TV or Radio. Constantly the same stupid remarks and eventually you actually forget what it is all about. However, last year I remember this advertisement around Chromes. Perhaps a little disrespectful to Santa, but he also is hzman.

It was for all to see at the parking places in the local superarket. I believer there were some complaints and it was quickly removed. Not the sosrt of thing that you want your kids to see at Christmas I suppose.

FOWC with Fandango: Advertisement

RDP Thursday: Esculant

What do we have here? Is this an esculant, edible, something to enjoy. My mum and dad would probably have thrown it in the garbage, thinking it was a strange object and definitely not to be eaten. I saw my first avocado about fifty years ago. My British life, and even my Swiss life, had no avocados. I read about them perhaps in stories, but it was not something for a Brit like myself, although I am open for anything new. I then discovered that you can actually grow the overlarge seed in the middle. Many avocado trees began to grow in pots at home. However, after a year or more I gave up on them, it was really not determined for the Swiss way of life. And now I even buy one now and again and quite enjoy it with perhaps some prawns in a salad or as this evening with smoked salmon on bread. I have grown toi love the avocado. Some may be shaking their heads here thinking nothing really special. Where they live the avocado trees might be growing in every garden. Here they are to be found in the grocery section for the special fruits.

RDP Thursday: Esculant