Fandango’s Provocative Question #194

I am very particular about my teeth. At the age of 76 I still have my own teeth, at least most of them. A few have gone missing over the years and many have been repaired, but I learned to care for them, although in later years. My mum lost her teeth at the age of about 45. Dad kept them all but eventually at the age of 80 had them removed, although the dentist did a good job on them. I decided at the age of around 50 to be more careful. Cleaned them three times a day after every meal and had a dental check up. Replacing my toothbrush was not a regular thing. I have an electric toothbrush and an electric rinsing machine, although you still have to do it correctly.

Some time ago I realised that a new tooth brush would not be a luxury. The maker of my electric machine, Philips, sold the toothbrushes in packs of 20, so here they are, although to be quite honest I do not change them every month, just when necessary.

Here is my complete set of cleaning apparatus. Note the little brush on the box on the right. That is for cleaning between the teeth and I apply that once a day in the evening. I also visit the dental hygenist once a year. i usually leave her with a mouth full of blood, but not being a vampire it usually clears away after an hour. Yes my teeth are important, dentist bills are too expensive to be ignored.

Fandango’s Provocative Question; #194 Dental Hygiene

FOWC with Fandango: Rebate

Translated it tells you you get 10% rebate in this particular grocerrty store. It also tells you that shopping before Christmas on 25th 11. 2016 you get 10% on everything, even in the restaurant, although I cannot remember if I partook in this event, I was six years younger.

I am a victim of rebates. I buy online and every week there are items I regularly buy on special offer. My kitchen cupboards and fridge are full of goods bought at a cheaper price. This week I noticed that if you buy two items of shower gel you get it a Swiss frank cheaper, also shampoo so now I have enough to last for the next couple of months. I suppose the problem is that I have nothing better to do than compare prices. Since I am living alone and do it all by I, me and myself I have nothing better to do than study prices, although I am only interested in what I need. The great bargain this year at Christmas was the salt beef that was selling at half price. It is already precooked and sterilised and so that is in the fridge until Christmas Day. I like beef beef filet for Christmas Eve, our big day, but that is never a bargain price. I have 18 jars of pomodoro (tinned tomatatoes) in the cellar. 6 tins in a pack, 50% less in price. I can always use them, especially when cooking a spaghetti sauce.

Food prices in Switzerland are expensive enough, and it always is worth keeping an eye on them.

And the lady that cleans my place tells me that the electronics store will soon be have reduced prices on computers. Now that is interesting, my Acer is slowly coming into the years, although the Apple is still good. My cleaning lady is an expert on electronic goods I must say.

FOWC with Fandango: Rebate