Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.


“Good morning mirror”

“Oh you have returned for another look. Sorry, but I cannot do the impossible, although I try my best.”

“What do you mean? Today they are letting me out. I am showing myself on the street and in the supermarket, so do something. Make me irresistible, give me a glow of self-confidence and make a few highlights in my hair.”

“I am only a mirror, not a miracle worker. I can give you a few tips, but forget the irresistible, I can only do that if there is a basis available and that basis usually starts to fade after 20-30 years and let’s face it, you are not Snow White. I could probably do even more for the stepmother and no, do not begin with that “Mirror, mirror on the wall” stuff, that is for the fairy tales.”

“You are a mirror and should reflect all my good points. The silver lights in my hair, the wonderful misty blue of my eyes and of course my aquiline streamlined nose, one of my main trade marks.”

“You are asking a little much this morning, but I will do what I can. You are standing in the wrong place, just move a little to the right and there we have it: the sun is shining and reflecting the grey parts of your hair, almost turning them into silver.”

“Meaning I have to stand in the sun to emphasise my unique hair colour.”

“Sorry, but that is the way things are. Now to the eyes: I would suggest asking me again in the afternoon when the sleepy heavy lidded look has turned into something wide awake and ready to go. Your eyes were never the best feature after a night’s sleep.”

“Mirror you are running the risk of having a stone thrown at you.”

“And you are running the risk of seven year’s bad luck. OK?

“Ok, mirror continue.”

“Do you really want me to shower you with praises concerning your nasal feature. It is red and swollen at the moment.”

“I know it is not my usual smooth style, but I am recovering from a cold. My poor nose has been working overtime with sneezing and even breathing was difficult. If you had read my prize winning daily prompt blogs, you would have realised what this wonderful nose has endured over the past week.”

“Mirrors do not read, only reflections, and the words are reversed. We do not talk either, so this conversation is a figment of your imagination. You know what, put on your coat and go shopping. Your chances of meeting Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson are dwindling in any case at your age, but I am sure the butcher will smile when he gives you your pork chops. Give Mr. Swiss my best wishes and tell him I have not seen him for some time. He does not waste my valuable time looking at me expecting words of praise.”

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

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