Daily Prompt: Your Days Are Numbered

It’s January 26. Write a post in which the number 26 plays a role.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NUMBERS.


At the first look at the title I thought I must write (again) what I will do on the 26th, knowing that this day might be my eternal departure in this world. Yesterday my attention was drawn to a headline (by a fellow blogger who is definitely a serious blogger) Enormous Craft Detected on the Moon meaning that the end is nye, so get ready we will be invaded by an unknown species from outer space. I was surprised, as usually the nation over the big pond keep such things secret, or use them as a subject for the newest Bruce Willis “save the world” film. Instead the vaults of the CIA/FBI and NASA similar organisations were opened. Of course, I did not close an eye all night, waiting for strange creatures to walk through the walls of my bedroom with almond shaped eyes, and glistening white skin. It did not happen, so here I am writing a daily prompt about what is actually the meaning of the 26th for me.

My birthday is on the 6th (December – in case you want to mark this important date in your calendar) and the only connection I have with the 26th is that it is a day after the 25th. The 25th was always pay day when I was a working woman, although if it was on Sunday, it would mean that the money was only ready to be picked up on 26th. Today I am a senior citizen and both the Swiss and the British government choose to send my money at the beginning of the month, so the 26th has lost all its important meaning.

This morning began as any Sunday morning, although it was the 26th. Mr. Swiss and I arose and took a normal breakfast. I did my normal tour de computer to see if the Martians had landed during the night and afterwards planned my day. As I was cooking roast pork and chose the low temperature cooking way (niedergaren in German, but the English language does not yet seem to have the word for this) I had to plan very carefully and by nine o’clock my meat with the veg (carrot, celeriac, leek, garlic) was all underway in the oven, garnished with large leafed parsley, rosemary, sage. thyme and bay leaf. The rosemary, sage and thyme came from the garden. We had a mild Winter this year and it is still fresh and growing.

You are still wondering what the photo above has to do with all this? I am coming to that part. Oh, isn’t this 26th day of the month exciting! Whilst the apartment was filling with appetising smells from the kitchen I did my normal wip through with the vacuum cleaner and other housewife hobby machines. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss was finished in the shower and ironed a few items. He was ready for a walk in the country and I was still in my nightdress. I moved onto the shower and afterwards discovered I still had time until final dinner preparations (there were only noodles to cook). What to do with my spare time? It was 26th day of the month and this must be celebrated according to today’s blogging law. My first thought was a daily Tai Chi practice, but it was too early in the morning.

I then took a glace through the window. My bushes and trees no longer resembled the growth in the photo but were now bare, no leaves, but the branches and twigs were still there and my buddeia had decided to slowly strangle the remainders of my rose bush. Then the sun shone through the clouds. I took my courage into my hands and stepped out into the wilderness, commonly known as garden. Armed with my secateurs (that’s a word for my garden scissors) I attacked the buddleia. Before it knew what was happening it had a short back and sides and the rose bush waved its head it appreciation, although its pleasure was short lived as the rose bush was the next in the row. I moved on to a deteriorating overlarge sedum which I quickly trimmed to the ground. The next in the row was the spiraea and one large branch of the eurasien smoketree. I had planned half an hour until 11.30 a.m. and my time was up. The other branches of the smoketree will be cut on another day. I am sure that for some plants in my garden the 26th will remain a memorable day. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss returned from his hike in the Swiss countryside and the noodles were cooking.

So there we have it, the 26th remains in my memory as the day the garden was cut halfcut. What this day will hold for us, I do not know. I hope the moon is still there this evening and the mysterious object on the dark side remains where it is.

Daily Prompt: Your Days Are Numbered

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