Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERFECT.


Yes, my ratatouille turned out just as I had hoped, but what could possibly go wrong. Slice the Zucchini and Aubergine as well as a red pepper: chopped onions and garlic also belong in the mixture and there you have the perfect Mediterranean dish. Don’t forget some fresh tomatoes which form the basis and a mixture of the right herbs, preferably fresh, and you have a lunch that takes you on a culinary journey to a sunny coast of Italy where the crabs and sardines say goodnight to each other. Put your nose closer to the terminal – you can smell the aromas evaporating through the screen.

This afternoon everything actually turned out exactly as I hoped. I had another summons to my doctor to check on whether the sugar input in my body qualified me to go on the needle. No, I have perfect almost perfect blood sugar levels, yes my blood sugar mirror is down and so I can now embark on a diet laced with carbohydrate, although the doc did say, well done, keep it up. To celebrate, while I was waiting at the station for the local train, I visited the shop where they have such delicious cakes and tried a vanilla doughnut. Everyone waiting for the train was either munching a foot long sandwich, smoking a cigarette, listening to iPoddy music or eating a cake of some sort wrapped in cellophane, so who am I to do something different.

The doc did say to check my sugar level again a couple of hours after the appointment to see if it was lower, meaning I still have an hour before measuring. As I am busy typing, I will not be able to eat anything in the meanwhile, so I am sure everything will be fine. He decided he does not want to see me further and I can now visit my normal doctor. He is some sort of specialist for the sugary side of life.

Generally on the subject of this prompt, things never turn out exactly as you hope. It is the law of averages and if it did, life would just be boring. Imagine waking up on a perfect day, eating a perfect breakfast, going on a perfect shopping trip and cleaning your place perfectly. You would then cook a perfect meal, drink a perfect cup of coffee and have a golden oldie perfect midday sleep. There would be no computer problems, shopping would be fun, no queues at the checkout and you could choose your parking space and not have to wait until one became free. You would not have a feline that decides to curl up on your bed while you actually planned to sleep at lunch time and you would sleep soundly, having no disturbances from a garden machine working outside or children making playful noises somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Your thoughts would be overflowing with prize winning ideas to write for the daily prompt. You would not have to stop and spend five minutes thinking what shall I write now. There would be no household chores to fill in the time before the evening meal and you could just spend perfect time doing perfect nothing.

Hands up those that agree that this would be a boring life. And now to close this perfect blog, I have better things to do.

Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up To Be

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