Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

You’re having a nightmare and have to choose between three doors. Pick one and tell us about what you find on the other side.

Nera and Tabby

“If it is anything I hate it is a dream where everything goes in circles and being chased by a monster fish. Look, three doors, now which one shall I choose, right left or middle. That fish is getting nearer and it stinks and no, I am not running in a circle again to get away from it. I do not care which door, just shove and throw myself in, anything is better than a smelly fish chasing me to infinity.”

The middle door started to open slowly and I jumped into it, well I actually landed flat on my face, but without the monster fish, although I could hear something flapping on the outside of the door. I had a look round in the room but it was completely dark, no light. I saw six bright lights shining in the dark, organised in three pairs. Something was very familiar with this situation.

“Can someone please switch the lights on?”

“No problem Mrs. Human, but we felines just do not need light. And where is the fish we ordered?”

It was Nera the chief cat, one of the cats that allows me to live with them. The light was switched on and I also saw Tabby and Fluffy, the other members of the feline household.

“Nera, I am glad to see you, at last rescued. I am being chased by a smelly oversized fish and I am sure it wants to enter this room. What are you felines doing here? This is my dream.”

“No, Mrs. Human” said Tabby “it is our dream.”

“Of course it is Mrs Human” Fluffy joined in. We decided on a mutual dream today, but something seems to be wrong. We dreamt up a monster fish for dinner, not one of those mini tuna portions you serve from the tin, but something for us to get our teeth into.”

“Just a minute, then what am I doing in your fishy feline dream. I was having a simple, straight forward human nightmare. I don’t need cats to start organising my nocturnal life. You organise enough when I am awake.”

Nera took a step forward, utilising all four paws and began to speak. No problem, but when Nera spoke, there was no discussion.

“It seems Mrs. Human, that someone was interfering with our mutual dream. I suspect it was Rosti, the big ginger tomcat that lives across the field. There were three doors, Mrs. Human, and you were definitely not supposed to choose this door. Rosti wanted to cash in on our big fish dream, but we told him to dream behind the door on the right and that is where he is. We kept the door on the left reserved for humans. Mrs. Human you have now gate crashed on our party. Please leave and move to the door on the left. And while you are going, leave the door open to enable the fish to enter. It belongs to our dream dinner.”

“Nera I definitely did not want to meet three felines when I sleep. I have enough to do with you all day. And being chased by a slimy smelly oversized aquatic monster is not my idea of a peaceful night. Something must have gone wrong with your dream sequence. One of you felines dreamt me into your dream, so who was it.”

Two pairs of feline eyes turned to Fluffy.

“Ok, I admit. I thought it might be fun to have Mrs. Human in our dream. She is very good at cleaning our cat tray. She could also make sure we have fresh water in our bowl” said Fluffy.

“Fluffy, you are the youngest and are still in the apprenticeship phase. You are not supposed to start thinking, I do the thinking here. I am the chief cat Nera and Tabby is my assistant, if I might be absent on a bird or mouse hunt. Fluffy cats should be seen and not heard, remember you are only grade one in telepathy. Now we have the problem, Mrs. Human is our serevant and appears in our dream. Think of the consquences. We will be the laugh of the feline neighbourhood.“

Nera always has the last word.

“Can someone wake me up from this feline nightmare?”

“No problem Mrs. Human” and Tabby gave me a scratch to prove the point. I was awake and had an imprint of claws on my arm to prove it. I fell out of the door being passed by a sloppy stinky fish on the way out and turned my head to see my three cats sink into a peaceful sleep, laying on a fish.

Fluffy, our blind cat

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

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  3. Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post ‘What Nightmares Are Made Of’. I enjoyed your ‘Just a Dream’ post. I could see Nera stepping forward and there being no discussion after he spoke — it kind of reminded me of the old Mafia movies. The Don spoke, you listened, and carried out orders.


  4. Ha ha, I like it. I’ve often suspected that cats are a highly advanced race that came to Earth to take over the human race. I think cats are also the ones who really invented the internet as a tool to control us. Why else would there be so many pictures of cats on the internet! They are obviously the dominant species there 🙂


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