Chaffinch in the Garden?

Chaffinch collection

For some time I have been watching a bird with a reddish breast in my garden. At last a robin, I thought, but every time my camera was ready he flew away. He then discovered that at my place there is a bird house full of various bird delicacies. I have a good selection of seeds, including sunflower.

Up to now my garden has been populated by tits and sparrows. The tits peck up a seed and fly away, but the sparrows have a debate, sometimes an argument with each other, and stay awhile.  And then we have the mystery bird with the red breast.

Over the last couple of days they have started gathering and today I had success and took photos. They are “Buchfink” said Mr. Swiss. We did have a debate, but after searching through Internet I found, yes they are “Buchfink”. I did realise that this was some sort of finch, so had a look in the dictionary and found that in english they are Chaffinches which are now in my garden. I am not a bird expert, and neither is Mr. Swiss, but I have taken his word for it. So here is family Chaffinch sitting in a tree in my garden. They decided that the diet at my place was suitable for cold snowy weather.

If there are any bird experts that say they are not chaffinches, but something else, then please let me know.

Here are a few more photos.

Chaffinch in the snow