Although I do not have a lot of Chrismas decorations, I like to treat myself to a Poinsettia at the end of the year. The German name is Weihnachtsstern which means Christmas Star in english and I find it a good name.

Red is the main colour, but they are also available in white and pink and today in the custom of our modern civilisation, they might even be sprinkled with shiny tinsel or whatever.

I just stick to red, the original colour. They do not always survive, but each year I learn something new. Never ever put in a draughty place. They do not like open windows or doors and do not drown them and try to kill them with care. I have often met my poinsettia in the morning with hanging leaves, yellow leaves and looking as if it is ready to go to the eternal plant grounds.

If they survive until Spring I put them in a pot in the garden where they grow wonderfully. Apparently if you want them to flower again, with their wonderful red leaves, you can take them indoors  when the weather gets colder. The idea is then to give them light at regular times. This means perhaps at six in the evening shut it in a dark place and bring it back into light at perhaps eight in the morning. Important that it is always the same times every day.

Anyhow this is the Christmas Star for this Christmas and I hope it survives until Christmas Day at least.