Tit Willow, Tit Willow, Tit Willow

Willow Tit


This little bird gave me a mystery when he appeared in the garden. Was it a finch, or a tit. We have a book of birds at home, in German, but none the less, when you have Wikipedia on the Internet you can always switch to the english page from the German.

According to our bird book it would either be a Willow Tit, or perhaps a Marsh Tit. They look very much the same and apparently the only good way to tell the difference is to listen to their song. Good idea, but unfortunately our birds seem to have lost their song in the Winter months.  They are more into munching and stuffing themselves full of the food I put out for them.

I decided this is probably a Willow Tit, although willow trees are not very common in our area. We also do not have marsh land.

In my teenager years I often paid a visit to the opera, usually Sadlers Wells theater at The Angel in London. They now moved from The Angel. Sadlers Wells sung the operas only in the english language, being an english institution. One year they had a sort of Gilbert and Sullivan season, and I remember seeing Iolanthe and the Mikado. What does this bird have in common with the opera you may ask.

The opera Mikado is a parody on the Japanese court. Gilbert and Sullivan operas were mostly based on satire in connection with the Victorian era in England. I remembered a song in the Mikado “Tit Willow” so now I know what a Tit Willow is.

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

Put together  a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails. 

I am not going to paste dozens of YouTube videos here, otherwise I would probably enter the Guiness book of records for the sound track to my life. I just allow one video of my all time favouring singer and musician, before I give you my musical playlist, which was my life.

Reet petite, I was the finest girl you would ever want to meet.
As I got older I it was Che sara, sara, whatever will be will be. Then I was Forever Blowing Bubbles, so I became a supporter of West Ham United Football club. I had a lot of examinations at school for my scholarship, so I decided I would just have to Carry that weight and one day School was out for Summer, School was out forever. It was time to start getting Serious. I always thought The Best Things in Life Are Free but that was not true, so I said Give me Money, that’s what I want but Pennies from heaven do not exist. I wanted to travel, I told my Mama and papa (who was a Rolling Stone) that I Want to be Free. I was Leaving on a Jet Plane to Switzerland and then I met Mr.Wonderful I told everyone I’m gonna get Married. We were Glad all over when I had my two sons. I was no Honky Tonk Woman and It was a good life. Now the time has come to go Up a Lazy River, but I am Glad All Over looking back. For the future I think I will Take a Walk on the Wild Side and will definitely not Paint it Black. I will not Put Another Brick in the Wall

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape