Daily Prompt: Hate to love

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

Hmmm…. let’s think about this. My husband is still with me (after 44 years) meaning that one of my guilty pleasures that I hate to love was not collecting husbands. I suppose I am a one man woman. I belong to Facebook, a guilty pleasure that I actually love. I was just a little bit addicted to Facebook games. Not a lot, I did have a pet in Petville, a house and appartment in Yoville, a farm in Farmville and my favourite was my Café in Cafe World. I even cured myself of most of the games I hated to love, but Cafe World remained until the bitter end, when I one day decided there is another life out there, so I closed my Café. Do I miss it? Absolutely not. I now have more time to blog, do the washing, the ironing, clean windows, clean the kitchen, keep the bathroom clean and go to my Tai Chi classes once a week. In between in my spare time I do a little gardening and spoil my three cats (and my husband, if he is not spoiling me).

But after reading what I have written, I seem to be the perfect example of a housewife to be admired. And now to admit my guilty secret, my guilty pleasure that I hate to love. No-one is perfect.

Wedding ring

So here it is, the naked truth. This is my left hand. Nothing special really. OK, it is not the best of hands, not ideal for a Nivea Cream advertisement or whatever. Being a golden oldie, there are a few marks to tell my age. No do not look too close at the fingernails. I do not bite my nails, never did. They grew to enormous lengths when I was younger, and were painted in various colours from pink to black. Today I do not bother with manicure, otherwise I could not type so well on the keyboard of the computer. No the problem is the surroundings of the nails. Just have a nibble now and again. Perhaps I suffer from a vitamin deficiency that chewing around the nails helps to combat. Am I nervious? Not really, although I can tend to make everyone in my surroundings feel a bit nervous now and again. So there it is, the naked truth. I chew around my fingernails from time to time, and I hate loving it.

Sometimes this Daily Prompt thing reminds me of  some sort of addict organisation. “My name is Angloswiss and I do things I hate to love.”

Daily Post: Hate to Love