10 thoughts on “FOTD 28th September 2022: Orchid

  1. Sometimes those become flower with buds. Sometimes, they just wither and die. And other times, they become part of the roots. You’re probably right — they ARE trying to creep into another part of the soil, but of course they live in pots, so that doesn’t happen and that is, I guess, why these dry up and fall off? I’m just guessing because I actually don’t know.

    I’m glad you are still enjoying your orchids. I have managed to repot all but one of mine. It is currently blooming. When it stops blooming (it has been in bloom for more than two months already), it too will get repotted. The hard part of repotting them is keep them from falling apart while you do it.

    They are fine if you leave them alone but fall to pieces if you handle them. I’ve broken several, even being as careful as I know how. I hope I never have to repot these orchids again EVER.


    • Whrn they grow wild they grow on trees and are always searching for somewhere to plant their roots. Mine just slowly grow into the soil.This particular plant was one that I plantd myself from another plant and it just grows. I find orchids quite good because their flowers live so long and I have more from them than a bouquet. I have never repotted an orchid up to now. I just have to be careful othwise that i do not break a stem.


      • Mine were very poorly potted from the nursery, so if I didn’t repot them, they would die pretty quickly. Posts with NO drainage, entire root ball enclosed in some tiny plastic container which apparently forces orchids to flower but afterward, they die.

        I had to cut the plants out of those containers. Owen drilled a drainage hole in the pot so I could replant the orchid. I couldn’t save the miniature one. It was too badly damaged and when the flowers died, I discover the -root system had rotted. All the others I’ve resurrected, though one of them just does not healthy. I’m hoping it perks up. The nurseries who do this to orchids are trying to make sure that none of their plants survive. I’m sure most don’t. Between the closed pot without any drainage and the plastic around the roots, it’s amazing they are EVER alive.

        It’s time to see if any of the Christmas cactus will decide to grow this year! They should be thinking about setting buds this coming month.

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        • It is now Saturday morning when I give them their weekly water and fertiliser. I would love to have a Christmas cactus again but in the last years they no longer survived so well.


          • If they are potting them like they do here, that’s probably why. To force bloom, the compress the roots into little plastic cups. It produced flower — and kills the plant, too. This is a relatively new thing they are doing and it’s shameful. If you don’t deal with it — which is very hard for some of these plants which don’t take kindly to a lot of handling — the plant will die, but if you handle it enough to repot it, it might fall apart and die anyway. It’s hard to find a trustworthy nursery and since we don’t visit the nursery and usually buy from a grocery or some other distributor, we have no idea what they are doing to the plants. I miss having nurseries nearby, but they all closed over the past few years from COVID or from just getting old and realizing their property was worth more than the business.

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          • I don’t often buy orchids as I have enough (10) that always bloom. However we have a very good nursery where you can order them and they send by post. Prices are OK, and those that I ordered a couple of years ago are still going strong.

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  2. I’m going to have to check out online sources because I’m really not happy with buying them directly. Meanwhile, I have five that flower regularly and I’m not sure I have room for any more because I also have two christmas cacti that needs some of the light. I could use one more good window!

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