FOWC with Fandango: Culture

What is culture? Can you define it? It varies from country to country, what is acceptable and what is not I suppose, and so we live in the style of the country where we live. I could make many comparisons, in my case, of life in England and life in Switzerland. Being a Brit I had to change my ideas of acceptability when I moved to Switzerland. I just wanted to learn the language and live in another country for a few years to discover the world.

This all changed when I met Mr. Swiss and the few years developed into 55 years up to now and no way could I live again in Britain as the British way of life is no longer possible for me. When I visit my original country I feel as a tourist and not as a native. I am not going into detail with comparisons. It would take too long and this little blog could develop into a book. Suffice it to be said that Swiss culture is my culture with their cheese, cows and even politics. I follow the British life via radio or television and keep up with the developments.

FOWC with Fandango: Culture