FOTD 15th September 2022: Orchid

I have many orchids, but this seems to be something special. About a month ago the bud began to increase in size, it was quite big.

It is the one at the bottom of the stalk and as you can see there will be more buds popping. I was really pleased when this first bud opened as this seems to be a mega flower. I believe the white orchids are the best for size and perfection and this one certainly did not disappoint.

FOTD 15th September 2022: Orchid

FOWC with Fandango: Feedback

The Autumn Fair begins in our town next week. After a two year pause due to covid, we are free to go again. Business in the town will be again showing their goods and the local public will be examining the articles on display. Objects will be bought although just for the sake of buying something and profits will be made. That is the feedback that will result.

So why do I blog about it. I took this photo and now I am telling you all that we again have action in the town. I hope what I write is of interest, as I am also interested in what you all write. The feedback is registered by a “like” and perhaps even a comment. I enjoy writing here almost daily and I enjoy reading what you also write. Yes, feedbacks are important for most of us, otherwise we would not be here.

FOWC with Fandango: Feedback

RDP Thursday: Incognito

It was not so long ago when we were all incognito. Neighbours, friends, even relations, you walked past on the street, or they were in the store, and you completely ignored them. They also ignored you. Facial features were covered from beneath the eyes to the mouth. Lips and noses were hidden.We were masked, face cover, and you waited patiently until you could enter the store as even the masked were limited in numbers. No longer did you have a name, no-one greeted because you were not recognised. This was not incognito, this was Covid.

RDP Thursday; Incognito