RDP Thursday 29th September 2022: Rejuvenate

This is the house that I grew up in, in London – a slum. It was built in 1884 and in those days it was quite special with gas lamps, a stove that warmed the room and where you could cook with it. We had electricity when we moved in the house, but the gas holders were still on the wall. It was in a street with identical houses. There was no hot water, and compared to today it was quite primitive. We had a small garden at the back of the house where the toilet was. It survived two world wars. According to my mum we would have been better off if it did not, as we would have had a better newer house afterwards. However, we were all glad to have survived.

As the years passed it met its fate. Did they rejuvenate it? Of course not, it was not possible.

And this is how it looks today. It was demolished in the 1970’s, it did not even survive 100 years, and replaced by a small park. Hard to believe that almost 100 small houses were on this small plot of land.

RDP Thursday: Rejuvenate

10 thoughts on “RDP Thursday 29th September 2022: Rejuvenate

    • There were many families in the same situation, but we didn’t know any different. We even adapted to modern life. I remember the first television and refrigerator, Today a normality but then a novelty.

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