RDP Monday: Flounce

It looks like our town is being taken over again, but this time from a rock band, known as Krokus. This is not just any band but most born and bred in Solothurn with a few new additions. We have all been through the Covid restrictions but now life is gradually returning to how it should be, so what better way than to celebrate with a pop concert. The announcement was made with tickets mainly for the inhabitants of our town of Solothurn and they were sold out within a few days, or was it hours. My No. 1 son has his ticket, but he is a VIP guest. He knows all the musicians and they know him. He often helps out as a roadie when they have a concert in our area. No-one is flouncing, just perhaps the people that did not get their tickets

So in two weeks I will be again alone for the week-end when No. 1 son is at his pop concert. They have already begun to build the stage and yes, the whole concert will be taking place on the steps of our cathedral.

RDP Monday: Flounce</

RDP Monday: Flounce

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