My Prompt of today: The Great New Look

Tell us about the time when you felt that you were lost in Internet, no longer knew where you were and felt misunderstood

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Yes, fellow bloggers, the time has come to rant about what we are all ranting about. Some are happy with the new look of the daily post. They are the lucky ones that have their comments printed to the sound of clapping hands because they find the new look is wonderful, they love the colours, they love the design and for them the world is OK.

At the risk of having this blog cancelled, I am now going to write what I think. The colours are OK, why not? They can be yellow, blue, red, sky-blue purple. I do not care as long as the rest is functioning, but is it?

Of course it is, although on my first day I had to search to actually find the daily prompt title. After a week, one of the WordPress experts gave us a link. Here it is for those that have not yet found it It seems that WordPress have lost the list of our e-mail addresses through the changeover and so we have to “do it yourself”. No problem, it keeps us awake.

Now to the next problem. We now have a grid system showing all the contributions to the daily prompt, so what could be better. It looks neat and nice and every blog contribution has its own little box in the grid with the title of the blog and name of the author. Fantastic! It is pretty and nicely spaced, but where are the pingbacks? We no longer have pingbacks, we do not need them according to the WordPress gurus and so I ventured to mention this on the page reserved for our remarks on the great new look. My first comment was cancelled, my second one got through and so did the third eventually, but No. 4 is no longer in existence, so I progressed to the forum where we can state our problems, hoping that this would be the solution to the missing Pingbacks.

Another link: Do you Like the Look of the Daily Post

As you can see I was not very successful, but probably in my excitement and disappointment I mixed things up. I had a remark from a drama queen who was under the impression that she invented WordPress and she (and me) were answered by one of the WordPress gurus. Eventually in my despair, I mopped my tears from my computer and found myself apologising for even asking such a stupid question about “Where are the Pingbacks”. However I was rescued from this situation, by chance, when discovering a poll issued by a fellow blogging victim that was also lingering in the Summer of discontent. I filled out his poll and I would advise you to visit his page and do the same. The more the merrier.

Another link that does not seem to work, just try a copy paste:

I made my comment under Angloswiss and his answer was excellent and he had some very good suggestions to how things should be, especially his remarks about pingbacks.

I like my pingbacks. If you do not like them you just have to tick a box somewhere in the internal workings of your site, and you will not receive them. Otherwise they are excellent for keeping in contact with the events on the daily prompt, finding new fellow bloggers and actually reading what is written. I do not know about you, but I do. However the drama queen has another opinion:

“They were publishing a post on the daily prompt topic and into it they indiscriminately copied and pasted the whole whack of pingbacks thedailypost prompt had already received and had been approved. I GROANED out loud whenI read what was being indiscriminately backlinked to and almost lost it and posted a rant on the subject.

Copying and pasting a whack of pingbacks appearing on another post without reading each one to be sure it’s not a low quality and/or no quality post at the end of one’s own post is NOT the way to go at all.”

So you see the drama queen has a point, although it is not my point.

It has also come to my attention that since we have this great new look, the number of contributions are dwindling daily. If you subtract the Russians and a couple of others that are free riding on our beloved Daily Prompts, our community is shrinking.

I enjoy writing my daily prompt and I enjoy reading the others (time permitting). This morning I was only fifteen minutes on the computer. Mr. Swiss asked what was wrong? I was ready to go shopping an hour earlier than usual. I told him the pingback session fell out this morning and will probably fall out most mornings as it no longer exists. He seemed to be a little disappointed knowing that his beloved wife was no longer occupied for an hour with her pingbacks.

Of course you can pingback if you do it yourself. Just visit every little square on the grid, do a copy paste of the link and you have your pingback list. Unfortunately this takes a long while and the grid order seems to change regularly, so be careful that you are not repeating the pingback. In other words, no, forget it, it is not worth it.

I hope I have covered everything. The best is that I am not new to blogging and started my career at Yahoo 350 which no longer exists. I progressed to Multiple which also no longer exists and via Blogger I arrived at WordPress. I seem to have left a trail of destruction in my wake, but WordPress has survived up to now. I like WordPress basically, it looks after its bloggers, but something has happened. I am not sure what, but the solution seems to be if it does not suit, then just ignore it and cancel it, it will go away eventually.

I rest my case.

The Great New Look


Daily Prompt: Only Sixteen

Forget it Daily Prompt. I have had this subject before at least once and no, I am 67 years old, and am not doing it again – and again. Try something new and different as a title, this is getting just plain boring. Up to now there are only six entries, minus two that belong to the daily Russian spammers and of course the WordPress C(h)ronicle that appears every day with just a title and link and nothing worth mentioning.  It is a waste of time and energy on my behalf.

Daily Prompt: Only Sixteen

Only Sixteen Pingbacks, all done by hand because it no longer works