Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: The English Mega Monster Pigeon

English pigeons in the tree

There they are waiting in the tree top. Are they eagles, albatross, falcons, comorants? Were these the birds that Alfred Hitchcock chose for his film “The Birds”, assasins of the air, pouncing on unsuspecting cats, or even humans.

No, this seems to be the average typical English pigeon, at least these were what I saw last week when I was visiting my father in England. He had moved to supported housing, being 98 years old and now needing care for his daily life, although he still has his own apartment. The view from his window was a lovely garden, and of course the bird life.

We have pigeons in Switzerland, but nice little pigeons, perhaps a bit drab, but manageable. The pigeons I saw in this part of London seemed to be a product of a genetic bird treatment creating monsters on wings. Mega birds, monster birds, trained to pounce and kill anything that moved. Perhaps I am exaggerating, but they are big. They perch in trees and seem to be waiting, probably for a suitable victim. Admittedly I did not see anyone laying in agony on the ground as a bird made off with a limb or piece of human in its beak. I also did not see pigeons in the sky with a cat clutched in its claws. Perhaps my imagination was running wild. Our pigeons in Switzerland eat bread crumbs or perhaps grass seeds thrown on the ground, fed by children or adults. I had the impression that you do not feed these pigeons, they would just help their selves and feed on you.

According to Wikipedia these are The Common Wood Pigeon. It seems they are vegetarian and a larger version of the normal pigeon.

I just hope my father keeps his window shut at night, you never know.

Here is a closer view of one of these pigeons.

English pigeon

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Daily Prompt: Green Eyed Lady

We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

Over the clouds

When you are above the clouds, just floating on air you realise that jealousy is not something to worry about. If the bloke next to you on the plane is wearing a Rolex watch or if the lady in front is wearing a Christian Dior dress, who cares. There might even be someone on the plane with one of those digital cameras busy clicking photos from the window hoping to capture a prize winning view for the Pulitzer prize. That person is certainly not jealous if she does not win the prize, she is just doing it for the fun, remembering the significance of the photos discovered after the Hindenberg disaster when the airship crashed and a camera was found showing last photos taken by a passenger, although she is not hoping that her fame will be under such circumstances. I think I wanted to say something remarkable, a pearl of wisdom, but I lost the thread somewhere. Ah yes, there is no point in jealousy, our fate will be equal, so just hope the pilot lands safely,

I do not do jealousy, I have everything I want. Of course that prize for my writing efforts has still not arrived, but I am not jealous of E. L. James with her 50 Shades of Something, and even the fact that J. R. Rowling celebrated success with her Harry Potter books did not bother me really I suppose, they just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I can be patient and wait for my hard earned and expected success. Me jealous? Never, although I persistently write my daily prompt hoping that my natural blogging talent will one day be noticed as the best, better than all others and my place at the top will be secured.

I think what annoys me most of all are people that just ignore my genius. People that cannot say “well done” or “you have such a talent for writing” and shower me with deserved compliments, but I have got used to this. Even Franz Kafka died of starvation, his talent not being recognised while he was living. Yes, perhaps my just reward will come one day when the visitors to my eternal resting place will see my web address engraved on my stone and the remains of my blog will be immortalised in the monumental records of literature. In the meanwhile I can wait grinding my teeth. I am sure my efforts will one day be recognised. Yes, jealousy is something that leaves a bad taste behind it.

This morning I hung some bird food fat balls on a tree which were left from the winter ration. Mr. Swiss found it was not necessary, our sparrows are still suffering from signs of overweight from the winter feed and in summer they find their own food. However, I noticed that today the tree was full of sparrows. They were fighting each other for the best place nearest to the fat ball. Even sparrows show jealousy and push each other away to reach the seeds.

And so I also push on, regardless of all the other successful writers who are nowhere near what I achieve. I have blue eyes not green so jealousy does not exist in my vocabulary.

Daily Prompt: Green Eyed Lady

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