Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

Zürich Airport

I was feeling blah, worn out when I had arrived at Zürich Airport two weeks ago. Checking in with the luggage, showing the boarding card and passport at the right places at the right time, waiting for the sign at the waiting bay to show “boarding now” is not exactly the uplifting action to cure all blahs. I fly approximately once a year and although the checking in process is made easier by preparing it all at home on the computer, you still have to do it yourself at the airport. My handbag and pockets are a mixture of papers, tickets and cards: just one big blah. The smile on my face is when I am eventually sitting in my seat on the plane waiting for take-off and hoping that it is a seat with a camera view, then I am toally unblahed.

Otherwise I enjoy my blah condition at home. I have a right to be blah, making a miserable face, being a misery guts – why not? If I am lucky, Mr. Swiss is also in a blah mood and so we celebrate together, groaning and moaning and generally ignoring each other; sharing blahs is not recommended. Why do we have to be laughing and smiling all the time, we have a right to be miserable. The smile on the face returns when the face and the mind feels like it.

There is no switch to turn on to fabricate an un-blah condition, it just happens. It might be that my daily prompt subject is a cure for all blahs, it might also be a cause for all blahs. My felines would surely be a blah cure, but they do not do cures, they just do what they want to. They never have a blah condition, they do not really do conditions

“Nera cat, do you ever feel blah?”

“Mrs. Human,blah does not exist in meow.”

“But if you feel fed up, what do you do.”

“Fed up also does not exist in meow, but if we are at a loss for action, we sleep and if we are really bored, we search for a place to sleep. In between we have a lick and eat. Life is perfect, this blah thing is a human invention.”

So if you are at a loss for finding a reason for your blah actions, just do not ask a feline. You will be none the wiser.

This morning they let me out to go shopping. Have a look around at the smiling faces in the supermarket, everyone laughing and generally in a happy condition. Your supermarket has no such people? Neither does mine. Faces showing no emotion, searching for food to buy, reading details on the labels on the packed food and being blahed if the hunt is not rewarded with the prices and dates you are looking for; the most blahed place to be when on a food hunt. Perhaps you are lucky and there is a special offer, two for the price of one, then the blah becomes perhaps an unblahed smile and you grab the rewards.

Blah can also be critical if there is only one parking place free for the car and someone else takes it first. The person winning the parking place race is smiling; blah is for him a foreign word. You are disappointed, boundless feelings of blah show on your face and are imbedded in your mind. You move on hoping that a blah unaccomplished event will appear and that at the end of the row there is a free parking place.

I had a blah feeling this afternoon after my golden oldie sleep, knowing that it was time to clean some windows. I no longer felt so blahed when the windows were clean, just glad to have the job behind me.

And now we all have happy faces. Today’s prize suspicious blog is accomplished, my felines are in a synchronised sleep modus and life continues in the land of the Helvetians.

Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

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